11 Must Try South Indian Snacks

The fresh and the best snacks out of your Kitchen is something which has an amazing taste!! Check out the best and the must try South Indian Snacks which are lip smacking and Mouth Watering.

south indian snacks

Every food enthusiast gets excited when they eat South Indian snacks, for whatever reason! This food is not nearly given the recognition it deserves, especially for its non-vegetarian delights! It has an enormous assortment of scrumptious non-vegetarian food in this South Indian snacks list!

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Best South Indian Snacks

Medu Vada

medu vada
Credits: News18 Hindi

One of the popular South Indian snacks Medu Vada is renowned for having a soft inside and a crispy outside. These delicious deep-fried treats are seasoned with curry leaves, cumin, and black pepper and prepared with urad dal batter. They go great with sambar and coconut chutney.

Masala Dosa

masala dosa
Credits: Youtube- CookingShooking

Among the many culinary gems of South India, the masala dosa is a shining star. Its origins can be found in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, namely in the city of Udupi, where its current shape was initially developed. The development of the masala dosa is evidence of South India’s rich culinary legacy. You can search South Indian snacks near me to go and have one of these because it is very popular worldwide.


Credits: Bangalore Mirror

A common meal in South Indian snacks, idli is a straightforward yet beloved dish. With its airy, fluffy texture and gently fermented flavor, it has won over palates and hearts worldwide.

Kai Murukku

kai murukku
Credits: Archana’s Kitchen

One of the most well-known jar South Indian snacks is kai murukku. This chakli-like snack is made from urad and rice dough and is completely formed by hand, taking some practice to get the hang of.

Butter Murukku

butter murukku
Credits: Your Everyday Cook

A tasty deep-fried delicacy called butter murruku is created using rice flour, urad dal, and besan. Like Chakli to the letter.

Ribbon Sev

Ribbon Sev
Credits: Archana’s Kitchen

Owing to the ideal ratio of rice flour, besan, and butter, Ribbon Sev—also called Ribbon Pakoda, Ola Pakoda, or Ottu Pakoda in South India—is a broad, ribbon-shaped sev that is incredibly crisp.

Baked Ribbon Sev

baked ribbon sev
Credits: Youtube

Baked Ribbon Sev is delicious and incredibly healthful! Made with healthy wheat flour and besan, it’s baked rather than fried to provide the ideal jar snack.

Keerai Vadai

keerai vadai
Credits: Yummy Tummy Arthi

A very popular South Indian evening snack named Keerai Vadai is consumed as a snack. It tastes best when served hot with filter coffee. For flavor, chopped amaranth leaves are added to the crunchy dal vada.


Credits: One Teaspoon of Life

Rice flour, urad flour, and spices are expertly combined to create the perfect texture for thattai, a flat, spherical, deep-fried snack. The flavor combination of this delicious deep-fried snack and tea is so amazing that even modest tea stores carry it in their glass jars!


Credits: Biteskart

In Tamil Nadu, omapodi is an extremely well-liked jar snack. It is still a source of joy for South Indians after decades of endurance!


Credits: Awesome Cuisine

Urad Dal Bonda, a South Indian evening snack that goes well with sambar, is irresistible to everyone. The Rava Bonda is yet another delectable bonda variety to prepare.

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Why wait then? To experience the flavors of the South for yourself, browse through South Indian snacks online or visit a nearby South Indian snacks place. Enjoy a delicious snack!

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