12 Indian Rice Dishes That Are a Must Try

12 Indian Rice dishes

Indian Rice Dishes: A delightful trip through top 12 Indian rice dishes is about to begin. Let us first take a brief detour into the intriguing history of rice in India before we get into these delicious treats. We are here to spill the beans (or rather, grains) on rice’s intricate role in our culinary history, from ancient grains to contemporary culinary marvels!

The “king of grains,” as rice is sometimes called, has a long and distinguished history in India that dates back thousands of years. Rice was first farmed in the Indian Sub-Continent approximately 5000 B.C. by the Indus Valley Civilization, which centered around the bountiful banks of the Indus River. The fabric of Indian culture grew intricately woven with this grain over time.

Indian Rice Dishes that one must try

India’s culinary legacy includes an astounding range of rice-based dishes from the country’s southern tip to its coastal areas and northern plains. These recipe indian rice dishes highlight the distinct culinary customs that have been passed down over the years in addition to reflecting the varied topography of the nation. Come along on this tasty journey with us as we reveal the mysteries of 12 Indian rice dishes that have come to represent coziness, joy, and the unmistakable appeal of Indian food.


An Indian rice dish, biryani is an experience that embodies India’s diverse cultural heritage rather than only a food. Ensuring that the marinated meats are layered carefully with partially cooked rice and a mixture of spices, herbs, and condiments helps the flavors to slowly and aromatically infuse during the last stages of cooking.

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A pleasant and adaptable meal, pulao has a unique place in the out of the other Indian rice dishes. The beauty of pulao is in its versatility. Every variety offers a different culinary experience, from the rich and decadent Chicken Pulao to the lively and colorful Vegetable Pulao. You can add the flavor of your local spices to pulao to create a variety of variations, like the spicy Bhopali Tehri or the aromatic Kashmiri Pulao.


In Indian rice based dish list, khichdi is a simple but nutritious dish that is highly valued. Known as the “comfort food of India,” khichdi is a straightforward one-pot meal that combines rice, lentils (often moong dal), and a variety of spices. Apart from being a common food in Indian homes, khichdi has become acknowledged for its high nutritious content.

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Jeera Rice

Jeera rice is one of the Indian rice dishes that has crossed borders, appearing on menus at Indian restaurants all over the world. Its worldwide appeal stems from its ability to enrich the eating experience by providing a neutral yet delectable canvas that seamlessly complements a variety of culinary choices.

Lemon Rice

A colorful and zesty meal, lemon rice is a tribute to the culinary expertise of southern India, where creative spice combinations are encouraged and rice is a staple food. Its versatility allows it to be enjoyed for many different times, such a tasty addition to joyous feasts or a quick and satisfying weekday dinner.

Coconut Rice

A fragrant and savory dish that wonderfully combines the rich creaminess of coconut with aromatic basmati rice, this tropical pleasure is native to the coastal regions of India. Grated coconut is frequently cooked with basmati rice to make coconut rice, which gives each grain a delicate sweetness and a velvety texture.

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Tamarind Rice

Also referred to as “Puliyogare” or “Puliyodarai,” tamarind rice is a tart and flavorful South Indian meal whose distinct flavor combination entices the palate. Tamarind rice is made by liberally coating cooked rice with a tangy tamarind sauce. Rice flavored with dates is frequently connected to religious celebrations, temple offerings, and unique events.

Curry Rice

A robust curry sauce, which might be vegetarian, chicken-based, or contain a range of meats, is usually made with curry rice. Curry rice is proof of how soothing, filling, and fragrant foods are loved by all people, and they always bring people together at the dinner table.

Curd Rice

There is a unique place in Indian cuisine for curd rice, especially in the southern regions, where people like it for its cold taste and capacity to offer relief from heat. It is a popular choice in the hot summer months due to its cooling qualities, and people of all ages can enjoy its mild flavors.

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Palak Pulao

Palak Pulao is made by finely chopping fresh spinach and sautéing it with a fragrant spice mixture that may include bay leaves, cumin seeds, cardamom, and cloves. Once cooked, basmati rice is mixed with this mixture of spices and spinach, giving each grain a hint of flavor and a brilliant green color.

Ghee Rice

Rice cooked with ghee has cultural importance and is frequently served during religious ceremonies, feasts, and celebrations and hence is one of the most common in this list of Indian rice dishes. The addition of ghee lends an air of luxury, elevating the dish to a symbol of coziness, friendliness, and the delight of communal dining.

Fried Rice

Fried rice is a beloved dish all over the world that is a masterful culinary creation that turns simple materials into a delicious and adaptable meal. Diced carrots, peas, onions, bell peppers, and tofu or chicken as a source of protein are typical ingredients.

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This was all regarding the best indian dishes with rice flour. rice is an essential segment of Indian dishes and it is used in a wide range of dishes. From Biryani to fried rice, Palak rice to Ghee Rice, Indian Rice Dishes is a love not just for the Indians but also for the foreigners. So, check out the best Indian rice dishes from this post and taste them for better!

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