Top 6 Gujarati Food One Must Try in Gujarat

While we only talk about Dhokla when we talk about Gujarati Food. But, it is not only limited to Dhokla. From Fafda to Handvi and Khaman, there are many things to try out when you visit Gujarat. Here we will take you through the 6 best dishes of Gujarat that will keep you licking your mouth!

6 gujarati food to try out

Gujarat Food: Gujarat is a west coast Indian state separated into many regions, each having unique cuisines and cooking styles. Most of the foods have a sweet taste because jaggery (raw cane sugar) or sugar is used so liberally; nevertheless, some recipes have a spicy, salty, and acidic taste. Still, they’re all delicious, appealing, and nourishing. This is a long (but not exhaustive) list of Gujarati food to go for when visiting Gujarat that are associated with Gujarati cuisine.

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6 Gujarati Food to Try Out


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In Gujarat, Khaman, a tangy-sweet farsan snack, is conceivably the most popular meal. It is made from a steamed batter made of fermented chickpeas and is frequently spongy. The most notable component? Add the coriander and grated coconut, and then balance with a dash of mustard seeds and green chilies. Usually served with an assortment of chutneys. While Khaman is found all over the country, Das Khaman a great Gujarati food in Ahmedabad is especially well-known for its delicious options.


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This Gujarati food is kind of a vegetable curry, Saurashtra, in the Gujarat peninsula, is known for its undhiyu throughout the winter months. It has a number of veggies that encourage the growth of “good bacteria,” which eventually facilitates better digestion. While the usual ingredients of this recipe are aubergine, ripe banana, potato, and green beans, you can use other vegetables in their place.

All of them are combined with dumplings made of fenugreek and chickpea flour, which are seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices and slowly cooked in an earthen pot or other vessel. It’s especially made for Uttarayan, the kite-flying harvest festival, and goes well with multigrain bread or puri, a puffy, fried Indian flatbread.


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Fafda is a delicious deep-fried dish made from gram flour. There’s the traditional dry papaya salad and fried green chilies. To enhance the flavor, order the jalebi, a sweet pretzel. This Gujarati street food is a favorite for breakfast and is widely available throughout the country and you can find it anywhere by searching Gujarati food near me. It blends flavors of sweetness and saltiness.

Thepla with Chunda Pickle

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A flatbread called thepla is usually eaten for breakfast or as a late-afternoon snack. It is made of whole meal wheat flour, spices, and fenugreek leaves. It pairs well with curd, raw mango pickle (chunda), and bateta nu shaak (dry potato curry) as sides. Throughout the state, grocery stores carry theplas that are ready to eat. You can find this Gujarati food in Delhi as it is very popular in the capital of India too.

Rotlo with Shaak


Rotlo is a millet flour-based flatbread that is usually eaten in the winter. It tastes slightly harsh and has a thicker thickness than conventional rotis. The millet flour dough is formed with your hands and fried on a griddle, much as in a game of patty cake. Serve it with melted ghee and jaggery on top for a truly hearty Gujarati food, or serve it with a shaak (vegetable curry) on the side like guvar nu shaak (cluster beans curry) or baingan bharta (smoky eggplant dish).


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This Gujarati food is made using a batter made of rice flour and fermented mixed lentils. A plethora of culinary options are made possible by the addition of spices and veggies to the mixture. It is usually cooked in a pan on the stovetop. Some people bake it in an oven as well. The crispy surface and soft, fluffy inside of this meal go well together, especially when served with tomato ketchup or a steaming cup of chai.

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All the varied landscapes and wealth of tourist attractions makes Gujarat one of the greatest places to travel in India. Gujarat’s delectable cuisine is another factor in its fame. One of India’s oldest culinary treasures, Gujarati food is a brilliant mix of sweet and sour flavors. It is primarily vegetarian. Search ‘best Gujarati food near me’ to see if you can get a chance of tasting the Gujarati cuisine before you go to Gujarat.

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