6 Best Indian Mutton Recipes that you will definitely Love

From Awadhi Mutton Biryani of the Mughals, to Laal Maas of Rajasthan, Mutton Dishes are always a love for the Indians. And here we have covered the 6 best Indian Mutton Recipes that is a must for your dinner party!

6 best indian mutton recipes

Indian Mutton Recipes: Delicious, Flavoursome, Juicy are some words to describe the delicious Indian mutton recipes. If these words are enough to bring water to your mouth, the dishes would go a long way to bring saliva. Being a tough and strong meat, Mutton has to be marinated properly to get the most out of it.

From American hamburgers to English roasts and Indian curries, Mutton features in almost every dish. And when we are focussing on the Indian cuisines, it is evident that Mutton has been a part of the Royal Kitchens for a very long time. So, here we are going to indulge into the best Indian Mutton Recipes that will arise the Indian culture within you.

Best Indian Mutton Recipes

1. Galouti Kebab

Galouti Kebab
Credit: Yummy Tummy Aarthi

If you are fond of Awadhi dishes, you must have heard of this starter. In fact, it’s not a starter but a starter cum main course item. The tender and juicy kebab was thought to have been prepared with more than 150 spices due to the different flavors that appear from inside it. Galouti Kebabs are prepared with finely minced mutton pieces dipped in desi ghee and tastes the best when complemented with ulta tawa paratha

2. Khatta Meat

Credit: Cee Pee Spices

If you are wondering about the best mutton recipe in India, you should not forget the contributions of Khatta Meat. Hailing from the state of Jammu, this is a meat cooked in mustard oil along with heaps of Amchoor that gives the item a sour flavor. Khatta Meat can be a party mood maker and has a perfect combination of spice and sour. 

3. Rajasthani Laal Maas

laal maas
Credit: Vogue India

A fiery and spicy Mutton dish originating from Rajasthan, Laal Maas is loaded with red chillies. The mutton is cooked in mustard oil and dipped in the local Kachri spice. But, if you are faint hearted and cannot take too much of spice, you should not get close to this dish. Loaded with goodness of meat and burst of spices, Rajasthani Laal Maas is indeed a great option for dinner party menu.

4. Rogan Josh

Mutton Rogan Josh Recipe
Credit: Steffi’s Recipe

How can we miss out Rogan Josh when we are talking about the best Mutton Recipe in Kolkata. One of the signature Kashmiri curries, Rogan Josh is cooked with spices, yogurt and brown onions. And a deft touch of the Kashmiri chillies gives it a color that you will cherish while having. But, going back to the history, the Mughals were the ones who brought Rogan Josh to Kashmir. 

5. Kosha Mangsho

kosha mangsho

Ahahahaha! “Apurbo Khete”. If you are bengali, you would always say this after having Kosha Mangsho. It is one of the best Indian mutton recipes which is prevalent in different parts of India. A spicy mutton dish with juicy mutton pieces and filled with aromatic and rich spices. If you are hosting a Sunday dinner party at your home, Kosha Mangsho is a must. I bet, all your guests will keep on licking their fingers!

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6. Awadhi Mutton Biryani

Credit: Vaya

A delicious and mouth watering biryani that can be a mood maker for your dinner party. This biryani recipe has succulent and juicy mutton cooked within a host of spices. And it is quite known that Awadhi dishes are always known for its flavor and fragrance. You can also learn how to cook Mutton Biryani from our Recipe here!

Indian cuisines are filled with so many mutton recipes that you will get tired of having one after the other. These are just a glimpse of the 6 best Indian mutton recipes. There is a lot more waiting in the list while we travel through some other items before reaching Mutton again! The mutton recipes listed above are a must try at your home and all of them are a bang for a dinner party. 

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