7 Best Veg Restaurants in Kolkata

Veg has always been a part of the Kolkata People for a very long time. And there are many who look for veg restaurants around them in Kolkata. So, here we are going to talk about the 7 best veg restaurants in Kolkata that would fulfill your desires!

7 best veg restaurants in Kolkata

Best Veg Restaurants in Kolkata: Delicious non-vegetarian food, particularly its well-known fish dishes, has helped Kolkata establish a solid reputation. Though many are unaware, the city is home to a growing number of inventive restaurants serving up delicious vegetarian fare. Kolkata has a variety of vegetarian eating options, ranging from distinctive all-vegetarian cafés to reimagined classics.

This article covers seven of the best veg restaurants in Kolkata that offer everything from pure vegetarian thalis and comfort food curries to innovative international vegetable creations perfect for savouring hearty vegetarian meals.

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Best Veg Restaurants in Kolkata

Picadilly Square

Credits: Cafes

The Piccadilly Square Cafe one of the pure veg restaurants in Kolkata provides delicious vegetarian Italian food in a stylish yet cozy environment, all in an Instagram-worthy setting. Tourists interested in photography are drawn to the stunning interiors with its faux windows, wall decor, vintage lamps, and paintings.

The restaurant offers amazing eggless pastries and cakes that genuinely satiate the senses, in addition to delicious vegetarian Italian food. For a sweet conclusion, diners can savor delicious pasta dishes, thin-crust pizzas, and melt-in-your-mouth crepes or pancakes.

Kaidi Kitchen

kaidi kitchen
Credits: Telegraph India

With its creative multi-cuisine menu and creative prison-themed atmosphere, Kaidi Kitchen provides a distinctive dining experience. This unique restaurant’s meticulously designed prison setting—complete with jail cells that can be leased for a more immersive meal—transports patrons to a different planet.

Apart from its visually appealing atmosphere, Kaidi Kitchen attracts patrons with an extensive array of delectable international food, encompassing Indian, Chinese, Mexican, and Italian dishes. The restaurant’s carefully created dishes, which feature several genres and maximize the use of premium ingredients and seasonal produce, are highly praised by patrons. This is one of the best veg restaurants in Kolkata.

1000 BC

1000 BC
Credits: Zomato

Though it has an evocative name, 1000 BC is a relatively new vegetarian restaurant in Kolkata. With its sophisticated atmosphere and menu, the restaurant hopes to provide vegetarians with an opulent fine dining experience.

The restaurant offers North Indian food as well as mostly Italian and continental fare. If dining with a companion, diners should definitely sample their inventive fusion fondu, a take on the traditional Swiss meal as it is one of the best pure veg restaurants in Kolkata.

1000 BC is the ideal setting for a private meal or date because of the calming, romantic atmosphere that the low lighting creates. Vegetarian dining looking for an elegant but laid-back night out will enjoy an upscale experience thanks to fine features like velvet upholstery and calming music.

Bombay Shiv Sagar

Credits: MiStay

For almost twenty years, vegetarian food enthusiasts have been delighted by Bombay Shiv Sagar’s delicious vegetarian dishes, which include North and South Indian as well as Chinese cuisine. The inventive Chinese Bhel served at this informal eating establishment is well-known and a must-try for all diners. They also have a large menu that excellently accommodates Jain palates, with many popular Indian meals accessible in Jain upon request.

Flying Kouzina

flying kouzina
Credits: LLB

Entering Flying Kouzina is akin to entering a first-class lounge, since it whisks visitors away to the opulence of an airline VIP section without the inconvenience of flying. The eatery imaginatively imitates an airplane cabin, replete with air hostess service, economy, and lounge sitting sections. Apart from its creative concept, Flying Kouzina entices diners with a vegetarian menu featuring expertly prepared European cuisine, such as handmade pizzas, risottos, and pastas.

Casa Restaurant

Credits: TripAdvisor

With its delicious North Indian food and creative menu, Casa restaurant in Minto Park hopes to highlight the delights of genuine vegetarian cuisine. Through the excellence and allure of its delectably prepared vegetarian dishes, the restaurant principally aims to highlight the ethical, environmental, and health benefits of a plant-based diet.


Credits: HappyCow

For many years, vegetarian food enthusiasts have been delighted by the traditional South Indian cuisine served at the Anand restaurant which is a veg restaurant in Kolkata. Anand’s vegetarian thalis and healthful dishes, which specialize on dosas, idlis, and traditional coconut-based curries, have won over a devoted following from both non-vegetarians and hardcore vegetarians looking for delectable vegetarian food at affordable costs.

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The diverse and inclusive nature of Kolkata is reflected in the city’s rich vegetarian eating scene, where a wide range of eateries expertly satisfy vegetarian customers with inventive and well-prepared vegetarian dishes served in warm, inviting settings. The selection of vegetarian food alternatives presented here is but a taste of the excellent vegetarian cuisine and atmosphere available to vegetarian food enthusiasts in the city. So, here are the best veg restaurants where you can visit in Kolkata.

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