7 Easy Steps to Prepare Bengali Sweet “Sandesh”

Sandesh is a delectable, local Bengali Sweet which is prevalent in every bengali Sweet Shop you Go. But why not prepare them at your home? Here you can find the 7 easy steps that can help you prepare the Sweet Dish at your Home and Serve it to Others.

Sandesh Recipe: Sandesh is a delicious Bengali Sweet which is prevalent in different parts of India. And during the Navratri of Durga Puja, this sweet gains massive popularity as this sweet is specially used for the Puja. Sandesh is available in different variations. And in modern bengal, sandesh makers have also started experimenting the preparations with chocolates, cherries, berries, fruits and a lot more.

But, making the basic Sandesh just follows three simple ingredients. They are sugar, Chhana or Paneer, and Cardamom powder. All you need is to refrigerate them and whoa! Your Sandesh is ready to be served. So, here, let us look at the seven easy steps to prepare Sandesh at Home.

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Step 1: Arrange a Plate for Paneer and Sugar

paneer and sugar on plate
Credits: Freepik

First, you will have to place the powdered sugar and the Chhana or the crumbled Paneer over a plate. The sugar adjustment must be done by you as some might prefer more sweet while others might not. So, you can make adjustments by giving sugar powder accordingly. Once the paneer and the powdered sugar is placed on the plate, start mixing it thoroughly.

Step 2: Keep a Pan Over the Flame

The next step of Sandesh Recipe is to prepare a fresh pan and keep it over the burner. Light the flame and let the pan heat for sometime. Once the Pan gets heated properly, transfer the mixture of crumbled paneer and sugar powder to the heated Pan. Keep stirring the mixture for sometime so that the mixture does not sticks to the bottom of the pan and gets burnt. Continuous stirring is very important in this step.

Step 3: Add Cardamom Powder to the Mixture

Credits: IndiaMART

After continuous stirring over the heated pan, the mixture will get roasted. Once the mixture roasts, add cardamom powder to the mixture. You should add the cardamom powder according to the quantity of the mixture made. Adding too much of cardamom powder can destroy the mixture and inturn, your recipe.

Step 4: Keep Cooking

cooking sandesh
Credits: Swasthi’s Recipes

You need to keep on cooking until the mixture added to the cooking pan starts pulling away from the sides of the pan. Once sufficient cooking is done, remove it from over the heat and allow the pan to cool for sometime along with the mixture. This step is very important for Sandesh Sweet Recipe because overheating can cause the mixture to stick to the sides of the pan.

Step 5: Adding Ghee to the Mixture

Credits: Healthifyme

Once the mixture cools, you need to add some ghee. Indeed, a “touch of ghee”. So, putting a lot of ghee can spoil the mixture. Do it carefully so that you don’t spoil it. And transfer the slightly warm Sandesh mixture to a bowl. Let it cool for sometime.

Step 6: Setting the Mixture

allowing the mixture to cool
Credits: Foodviva.com

This step requires your patience. You need to allow the mixture to set for sometime. Sometime means, for half an hour. Meanwhile, you can prepare the additions like rose petal, chocolate or anything else, that you would love to add on to the “Sandesh”.

Step 7: Taraa!! Your Sandesh is Ready to Be served

sandesh recipe image
Credits: Swasthi’s Recipe

Your Sandesh is Ready to be served. Garnish it with anything that you like. But add something that can enhance the flavour of the Sandesh. Also, you can give shape accordingly. Make a heart, a star, a circle or any other shape of your choice

These were the 7 easy steps to prepare Sandesh at home. Or in short, the 7 easy steps of Sandesh Recipe. Why wait when you have everything in your hand? Take the equipments and get on for making delectable Sandesh at your home.

I am an Engineer by Profession but a blogger by Passion. Love to explore different food options and recipes and also love to share the same with you.

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