8 Best Foods in Thailand to Try Out!

Thai Food is one of the finest cuisines of the World. Adapted by people from Bangkok and Thailand to Worldwide, Thai food can be lip smacking for many. Here we will check out the 8 best foods from Thailand that will melt your taste buds!

8 best foods in Thailand

Thai food is so incredibly diverse that even a list of 8 best foods in Thailand only serves as a quick introduction to this amazing, especially Southeast Asian cuisine.

Best Foods in Thailand

Som Tam

som tam
Credits: cookpad.com

Som Tam is a salad made with green papaya. Laos and northeastern Thailand, or Isan, is where the dish originated. The phrase “pound the sour” is Som Tam in Thai. There are many different flavors in som tam salad, such as sour, spicy, sweet, crunchy, and fresh. The principal constituents of the sauce, namely fish sauce, palm sugar, pepper, garlic, lemon, and tomato, accentuate its taste. Texture is improved with crunchy peanuts, crispy green beans, and dehydrated shrimp and is considered to be one of the top foods in Thailand.


Credits: Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation

A popular breakfast food in Bangkok is jok, which is a rice porridge. This meal is a great way to start the day because it has a good base of broth, chopped pork, chives, cilantro, fried garlic, ginger, and lemon for finishing and is served in the best restaurants in Thailand.


laab thai food
Credits: Serious Eats

Spiced with fresh herbs, laab, also known as larb, is a beef salad. Like in Northern Thailand and Laos. Fish, poultry, duck, buffalo, or cattle meat can be used to make it. While regional variations exist in the spices, herbs, and meat types, coriander, scallions, and an abundance of mints are always a must. If you are searching for the best foods in Thailand, this can be on your priority list.

Kuay Teow Neua

Kuay Teow Neua
Credits: Eating Thai Food

Beef Noodle Soup (Kuay Teow Neua). This beef noodle soup tastes great even though beef isn’t a typical element in Thai cooking. The key to the recipe is the broth, which gradually cooks the beef chunks to a wonderfully tender texture. One of our favorite Thai meals, considered to be one of the best food in Thailand Bangkok!

Sai Oua

Sai Oua
Credits: Asian Inspirations

The spicy sausage known as “Sai Oua,” or Northern Thai Sausage, is typical of Northern Thailand. This sausage is made with ground pork, spices, and herbs like lemongrass, which gives it a very strong, zesty flavor. Great as a beer snack or with Thai food. Remember to include the sticky rice as a side dish if you are ordering it as a main meal.

Khao Kluk Kapi

Khao Kluk Kapi
Credits: Groupon

The foundation of Khao Kluk Kapi is rice that has been cooked and then sautéed with shrimp paste. Rice is served with a variety of components that stand in stark contrast to one another: green mango, omelets, red onions, dried shrimp, sweet pork, Chinese sausage that is sweet and sour, peppers, cucumbers, green beans, onion, and eggs. A full dish, considered to be one of the best foods in Thailand in taste and texture.

Hor Mok Pla

Hor Mok Pla
Credits: Mae Jum

Fish is referred to as Pla, and the method of steaming these curry dumplings over a banana leaf is called Hor Mok. a genuine Thai dish that has impacted its neighbors, including Cambodia and its well-known Amok fish. With its combination of coconut cream, curry paste, and kaffir lime, Hor Mok Pla resembles a steamed fish souffle.

Khao Mok Gai

Khao Mok Gai
Credits: Lion brand Authentic Thai Rice

Also referred to as Thai-Style Chicken Biryani, or the Biryani of Thailand. Due to Malaysia’s close vicinity, Muslims from Thailand who live in the south of the nation have inspired this cuisine. The meat is cooked with rice that has been spiced with turmeric and other ingredients, creating a fragrant and yellow meal. The blend of Indian and regional spices sets this version of biryani apart from others. It is served with cucumber slices and fried onions. One of the best foods in Thailand, India Biryani lovers visiting Thailand can try out this dish.

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Even this list of the top 8 Thai dishes won’t be able to fully educate readers and tourists to the wide variety of Thai cuisine. So many spices and flavors are to be explored in Thai Cuisine that it is impossible to not love the best foods in Thailand.

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