Allen Kitchen Kolkata- Authentic Food Cabin of Kolkata since 1900

allen kitchen

The City of Joy loves to be wrapped in the essence of its bygone era. The churches, untouched heritage buildings, centenarian Victorian architecture, and various cult food joints stand testimony. North Kolkata is the paradise of such food joints which emanates nostalgia.

Allen Kitchen is one such heritage eatery, standing as tall as ever. It is a cabin restaurant founded by a Bengali chef named Jiban Krishna Saha, Located in the Sovabazar area of North Kolkata. Even with the changing trends, this iconic cabin restaurant remains a place of ‘adda’ for white-collar workers, shop owners, and college students. 

Allen Kitchen

Allen Kitchen is a heritage diner at Sovabazar in North Kolkata. This 130-year-old eatery has truly endured the test of time. After many ups and downs, this place remains a nostalgic meeting point for denizens of specific localities, office goers, and students who regularly visit this place for its delicious finger foods. 

Allen Kitchen was initially established in the early 1900s by Mr Allen, a Scottish gentleman, in Allen Market. The founder of the existing Allen kitchen was an employee who opened this branch circa 1958. The mother branch was shifted to a nearby spot and was permanently closed in 1992. Even though the eatery is named after its founder, it was Jiban Krishna Saha and his family, under whom the business bloomed. 

The Sovabazar branch has been operating for more than 75 years and is one of the city’s favourite drooling dens for foodies. The prawn cutlet at Allen was designed by Mr Saha himself and remained a hot customer favourite. The great-grandsons now manage the eatery, that is, the fourth generation of the founder. It has been a desired destination for many renowned personalities like Uttam Kumar. 

Locating the shop can be tricky for the most experienced food lovers as it is squeezed at a corner of a lane like most North Kolkata establishments. One easy to reach would be by taking the metro, which is 5 minutes from the Sovabazar metro station. Walking towards Girish Park, you will be greeted by a green gate on your left with an Allen Kitchen signboard. 

Now, regarding the ambience of this place, it is an old-fashioned eatery with a humble setting, so don’t expect an AC. The place is relatively small, with marble tables and wooden chairs. At a time, only 16 people can be seated. They have changed the walls by adorning them with fancy tiles to add a cleaner look.  

If you are bothered about the food quality and hygiene, do not worry. At Allen Kitchen, they give utmost importance to cleanliness. The tables are cleaned after every meal, and the ingredients used are fresh and sourced from the best markets and suppliers. 

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Famous Foods of Allen Kitchen

allen chicken cutlet

Like any other heritage eatery in north Kolkata, Allen Kitchen is also famous for its fried finger foods like cutlets, chops, kabirajis, etc. Although the menu at Allen Kitchen is limited compared to other cabin eateries, the one-page laminated menu has much to offer. Most of the items here are fried in oil or pure ghee, which adds a subtle flavour. 

They have kept their prices low so everyone can enjoy their lip-smacking snacks. Here are some of the quintessential finger foods that regular customers swear by.

Special Prawn Cutlet

The prawn cutlet is a signature dish at Allen Kitchen. People come from great distances to have a taste of this ethereal delicacy. The juicy prawns covered in a layer of filling and bread crumbs are deep-fried in pure ghee. The aroma of burnt ghee hits you as you bite the crispy yet soft cutlet. It is served with ‘kasundi’ and salad on the side. 

Mutton Chop

The mutton chop at Allen is underrated and does not get the deserved applause and appreciation. It is a filling made with mutton, boiled potato, and spices. This filling is made into balls, coated in bread crumbs, and deep-fried. As you take a bite, the filling melts into your mouth. 

Fish Cutlet 

The fish cutlet is another must-have delicacy at Allen. Unlike most cutlets, the size is generous, and the fish is fresh Bengal Bhetki. The bhetki fillet is thick and is coated in a thin layer of coating and soft filing which is deep fried. This delicious deep-fried finger food is served with a mustard dip and salad.

Devilled Eggs

Devilled eggs are the perfect evening snack. Popularly known as dimer devil is a famous Bengali delicacy that you can often find at any Bengali event. It is essentially boiled eggs cut in half, topped with potato filling, coated in a crispy coating, and deep fried in oil or ghee. 

allen egg devil

Chicken Steak 

The Chicken Steak is a relatively new addition to the menu, which became a customer favourite in no time. The chicken steak at Allen differs from that at continental restaurants. The chicken steak at Allen is made by using a pounded minced chicken patty. The chicken patty is fried in ghee and poached in a lightly sweet, spicy onion-pepper sauce. 

Mutton Steak 

Even though it is listed as a steak, the dish is very different from the quintessential steak we are familiar with. However, the taste will not disappoint you. The mutton steak at Allen is a ponded mutton patty fried in ghee topped with a gravy of mutton stock, chilli sauce, onion, and pepper. 

Allen Kitchen might not have all the aesthetic vibes of the modern air-conditioned cafes, but every corner of this shop will send a current of nostalgia down your spine. It is a guarantee that a visit to this heritage eatery won’t disappoint you and will beckon you again. 

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