Aminia: The Legendary Biryani Joint of Kolkata since 1929


Kolkata and its love for food is world-renowned. The people of Kolkata have a versatile food pallet that is not limited to typical Bengali food. Perhaps the fact that the City of Joy has a brief history of being ruled by different empires during different eras has contributed to the paradigm shift in people’s eating habits. During the rule of the Mughal Empire, many Mughlai dishes were introduced, which have become an integral part of this city’s gastric map.

The legendary biryani is one such Mughlai delicacy about which people of Kolkata are obsessed. Aminia, among the top biryani joints in Kolkata, has been satisfying the taste buds of the city’s biryani lovers for decades. 

Aminia Restaurant 

Aminia is a chain of restaurants that is popular for its authentic Mughlai cuisine of Eastern India, especially biryani. It is one of the oldest Mughlai eateries of Kolkata, which has been operating for more than 93 years, and is one of the fastest-growing chains of restaurants in eastern India. Aminia is a drooling den for all Mughali and Biryani lovers.

The restaurant was first established in 1929 by Abdul Rahim. He opened this restaurant at Zakaria Street, which is said to be among the few places where you can get authentic Awadhi and Lucknow-style cuisine. The restaurant gained popularity given the founder’s hard work and aromatic food. After his death, the restaurant was inherited by his three sons, who successfully continued their father’s legacy. 

Currently, Aminia has more than 12 outlets in West Bengal and plans to expand its chain outside Kolkata. Aminia’s most popular and prominent outlet is near the municipal corporation in the New Market area. The restaurant does not have a franchise and is operated by the founding family members. Currently, the branded restaurant chain is operated and owned by the fourth generation of the founder. 

Aminia follows specific protocols which have enabled it to maintain its quality even after a century. Aminia has a central kitchen and boasts an excellent in-house butchery. The central kitchen is where all the production, monitoring, and adjustment occur before the elements are sent to the kitchen of other outlets. 

aminia biriyani

Mouthwatering Dishes of Aminia 

Aminia is mainly known for its biryani, but it has a range of Mughlai cuisine, which one must try when visiting Aminia. You can visit any branch of Amania that is situated across, and the taste of the food will be the same. Here are some of the best Mughlai dishes at Aminia.


When we are talking about Aminia, it would be a crime not to put Biryani on top of the best dishes list at Aminia. The biryani is an absolute royalty. At Aminia, they make Awadhi style biryani which is a perfect combination of rice, meat, meatballs or ‘moti’ and ‘aalu Bukhara, which is cooked with a melange of spices that creates a layer of flavours that you will be able to taste as you take a bite. The meat pieces are generous, and like any typical Kolkata biryani, it comes with a potato. You need to get a special biryani if you want a boiled egg. 

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Murgh Musallam 

Mugh means ‘chicken’, and musallam means ‘whole’; the words put together mean a proper whole chicken. In the Mughal era, this dish was only made for nobles and is one of the thirty dishes mentioned in Akbarnama. Aminia has done justice to this royal delicacy. This dish has been named as it is essentially a whole chicken cooked in a creamy sauce and an intriguing combination of spices. It tastes delicious when combined with rice or ‘roti’. 

aminia murgh musallam


Haleem is a Ramadan special and might not be available all the time. Its origin lies in an Arabian dish known as Harees. Haleem is a traditional dish, and therefore, Aminia makes sure to prepare this iftar delicacy traditionally. It is a blend of barley, wheat, meat, and whole and powdered spices that is slow-cooked for seven to eight hours. The slow cooking process is followed to ensure that all the flavours of the ingredients meld together. 

Mutton Pasinda Seekh Kebab

When visiting Aminia, trying out their kebabs is a must. They have a wide variety of kebabs, but the mutton pasinda seekh kebab is one of their bestsellers. It is served in a plate with two long pillows of succulent smokey meat, which will melt into your mouth as you take a bite, lemon, onion, and green chillies. You can squeeze a few drops of lime on the kebab to enhance the taste. It can be paired with raita or any Indian bread. 

Tandoori Chicken

The tandoori chicken is another Mughlai specialty cooked to perfection at Aminia. This mouthwatering delicacy comprises two generous pieces of chicken. The chicken pieces are first marinated with a mixture of curd and other spices overnight and then roasted over a ‘tandoor’, an Indian oven that uses coal as fuel. The pieces are juicy and tender with the right amount of smokey flavour. Squeeze a few drops of lemon to enhance the taste. 

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Many people skip this dish because they are sceptical about the taste since not all restaurants can make the perfect firni. But, at Aminia, you should go for this classic Mughali dessert, and it is guaranteed that you won’t be disappointed. It has three main ingredients- rice, milk, and some sweetener. The phirni at Aminia perfectly balances the three ingredients, along with hints of saffron and rose. Phirni neither too thick nor too thin; it is of the perfect consistency that allows you to have a smooth scoop every time. The phirni is garnished with slices of dry fruits which adds a crunch. 

aminia phirni

The fact that this century-old chain of restaurants still stands tall in the restaurant business of Kolkata stands as testimony to its food quality. Therefore, if you are craving some Mughali cuisine or biriyani, Aminia is the best place to get everything under the same roof. 

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