Anadi Cabin Menu: Updated Menu Card and Food Price List 2023

Anadi CabinInformation 
Outlets New Market, Kolkata 
Time Monday-Sunday: 11 am – 9.30 pm
Known for Moghlai 
Cost for two₹250
Address 9, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, New Market Area, Kolkata
Contact 919733727740
anadi cabin

Anadi Cabin Kolkata history: Kolkata is the place for a variety of legendary cuisines and restaurants. Some restaurants have been in the city for a long time, which seems almost forever. One such restaurant is Anadi Cabin Kolkata.

Yes, I know what you must be thinking about when I say that name. It must be the delicious and famous Moghlai of the restaurant. Well, if you do not know what this place is renowned for and what it is about, don’t worry; I will share with you my experience at this restaurant which will undoubtedly compel you, too, to visit this place.  To know more about anadi cabin menu, check out this article.

Where to find Anadi Cabin? Anadi Cabin location

This restaurant is located in one of the most prevalent places for shopping in Kolkata, which is New Market. To be more specific, the address is 9 Jawaharlal Nehru Road, New Market Area, Kolkata. 

In one of my previous blogs, I talked about Nizam’s, which is also in the New Market area. I had said that after a long day of hopping from one shop to another and carrying heavy shopping bags, the perfect way to end the day would be with a hearty meal like Nizam’s. 

Well, here is another great option for you, Anadi Cabin! For something light and go-to, the delicacies of this old restaurant are the perfect place to crash after or even while you are toiling in New Market. 

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What is Special about Anadi Cabin?

Well, the first thing that comes to our minds when we say Anadi Cabin is its famous Moghali. This place has gained popularity through its signature dish, the Mohali. Thus, this is the most special aspect of this place. 

And when talking of cuisines, this vintage restaurant serves Bengali dishes whose taste will make you come back for more. Also, this famous place is not at all expensive. Instead, the dishes are highly pocket friendly, which makes it one of the most preferred places for the office crowd. 

People who like to enjoy the old and vintage part of Kolkata can experience the authenticity of “Bangaliyana” at this unique place. The staff is equally amiable and cooperative, which makes it a warm place to dine anytime at the heart of Kolkata. Check out the anadi cabin menu Kolkata from here to know about mughlai paratha price in kolkata.

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What are the facilities found here?

You have the perfect vintage aura of Kolkata for dining in. In contrast, when you want to enjoy the delicacies of the place on the way, you can avail of its takeaway facilities. Check out anadi restaurant menu here.

Moghlai Paratha (Duck Egg)60
Spl. Moghlai Paratha (Duck Egg) (Hen Egg)70
Double Egg Moghlai Paratha (Hen Egg)80
Plain Paratha 15
Fish Fry60
Fish Kabiraji Cutlet100
Chicken Cutlet60
Chicken Kabiraji Cutlet100
Mutton Kasha (Half Plate)145
Mutton Kasha (Full Plate)290


Tea 10

Anyone craving the divine essence of vintage Kolkata and authentic Moghlai Paratha, I would suggest you run to Anadi Cabin with your friends or family. Order plates of its delicacies and enjoy the authenticity of Kolkatan Moghali and aura most cherishable. 

Being an old and authentic place of Kolkata, Anadi Cabin is a must visit for every moghlai lover! Check out its updated menu card here and try out its mouth watering delicacies. So before you go to the place,

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