Arsalan Menu Card | Updated Arsalan Restaurant Menu 2023

arsalan menu card

Arsalan Price List: Updated Arsalan Menu Card 2023

Arsalan Information 
Outlets Wellesley, Rajarhat New Town, Hatibagan, New Alipore, Jessore Road, Park Circus, Ruby Hospital Area, Park Circus Area
Time Monday to Sunday: 10.30 am- 4 am 
Known forBiryani, Mughali, North Indian, Kebabs, Seafood, Rolls
Address 191, Park Street, Near 7 Point Crossing, Park Circus Area, Kolkata
Contact +919007007942

Arsalan biryani price list 2023: Arsalan has been one of the most famous destinations for biryani in Kolkata. The quality and quantity of the Arsalan biryani is inimitable. We are here to discuss the Arsalan menu card along with its corresponding prices. Whenever it comes to feasting on biryani in Kolkata, one common name that every Kolkatan knows is the name of Arsalan. The arsalan biryani price list 2023 kolkata has a range of dishes of equally mouth-watering taste and quality. The restaurant is famous not just for its biryani but also for its various other cuisines and items like North Indian, Seafood, rolls, and the like. 

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Outlets of Arsalan 

You will find eight outlets of Arsalan throughout Kolkata. It indicates how much of a favorite it is that it had to be spread all across Kolkata so that every Kolkatan could relish its dishes. The Arsalan Park Circus menu is one of the most well-known menus among its other outlets. Some of its other outlets, such as the Arsalan Chinar Park menu or that of Hatibagan, also come in the topmost choices of the outskirts of these restaurants.

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Why is Arsalan Biriyani Menu so popular?

The first answer that would definitely come to your or anyone’s mind is because of its unforgettable, tasteful biryani and other dishes. Well, it is definitely because of the taste of the food. But there are many other reasons why Arsalan is so popular. One of the reasons is its reasonable pricing of items. The Arsalan restaurant menu has all the different varieties of dishes, but each of them is reasonably priced. Whether you look into the Arsalan Hatibagan menu price list 2023 or the price list of another outlet of this restaurant, all the prices are the same, reasonable, and thus highly affordable. So, you get to relish both quality and affordability. 

The other aspect is the variety of food items that you get at Arsalan. Whether you are looking through the Arsalan menu card with price or the menu of another outlet, the menus are prolonged because of the huge variety and options of dishes available. 

Another aspect is the quantity. The Arsalan menu definitely has variety, but along with that, you get every dish in such quantity that not only your taste buds and your heart but also your stomach will be sumptuously full. The Arsalan biryani menu is buying any praise. The quality, quantity, and variety surpass excellence. 

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Arsalan Kolkata Menu | Arsalan Mutton Biriyani Price

In the Arsalan menu card below that we present, you will have the list of the items available in the Arsalan restaurant menu and the respective prices. It consists of Arsalan mutton biryani price, which is definitely the most searched item of this restaurant. But, apart from that, we also have put forth all the items and their prices available in Arsalan Kolkata. The Arsalan Menu Card consists of all the different varieties of food items available at the restaurant. So, the Arsalan menu card with all the necessary details is as follows. 


Items Price
Chicken Achari Kebabs (6 Pcs)320
Chicken Arsalan Kebab (6 Pcs)475
Chicken Barra Kebab (3 Pcs) 320
Chicken Boti Kebab (6 Pcs)320
Chicken Garlic Kebab (6 Pcs)320
Chicken Hariyali Kabab (6 Pcs)320
Chicken Seekh Kebab (3 Pcs)235
Chicken Seekh Kebab (6 Pcs)385
Chicken Malai Kebab 96 Pcs)350
Chicken Reshmi Kabab (6 Pcs)320
Chicken Tandoori Kebab (4 Pcs)400
Chicken Tandoori Kebab (2 Pcs)270
Chicken Tangri Kebab (4 Pcs)380
Chicken Tangri Kebab (2Pcs)290
Chicken Tikka Kebab (6 Pcs)330
Chicken Wings Kebab (8 Pcs)300
Chicken Kathi Kebab (full)185


Mutton Achari Kabab (6 Pcs)500
Mutton Barra Kebab (3 Pcs)420
Mutton Boti Kebab 420
Mutton Kakori Kebab (6 Pcs)375
Mutton Kakori Kebab (3 Pcs)310
Mutton Reshmi Kabab (6 Pcs)395
Mutton Roast Kebab (6 Pcs)400
Mutton Tikka Kebab (6 Pcs)410
Mutton Kathi Kabab (full)210

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Fish Arsalan Kebab (4 Pcs)475
Fish Reshmi Kabab (4 Pcs)435
Fish Tikka Kebab (4 Pcs)400
Pomfret Fish (2 Pcs)445
Prawn Tandoori (5 Pcs)445
Prawn Malai Kebab (5 Pcs)540


Paneer Hariyali Kabab (6 Pcs)340
Paneer Tikka Kebab (6 Pcs)360
Tandoori Mushroom (10 Pcs)350


Arsalan Menu Card Special Assorted Kebab Platter (15 Pcs)- 2 Pcs Mutton Barra, 2 Pcs Chicken Tangri, 2 Pcs Chicken Reshmi, 2 Pcs Chicken Hariyali, 2 Pcs Chicken Tikka, 2 Pcs Fish Tikka, 3 Pcs Paneer Tikka1350
Assorted Chicken Platter (11Pcs)- 2 Pcs Chicken Tangri, 3 Pcs Chicken Reshmi, 3 Pcs Chicken Hariyali, 3 Pcs Chicken Tikka770

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Mutton Biryani 335
Mutton Biryani Special (2 cs)485
Chicken Biryani 335
Chicken Biryani Special (2 Pcs)490
Arsalan Biryani 350
Hyderabadi Biryani350
Mutton Lucknowi Biryani500
Biryani Rice 220
Egg Biryani (2 Eggs)245
Vegetable Biryani285
Extra Mutton 210
Extra Chicken 160

Mutton in Gravy

Mutton Arsalan Masala (3 Pcs)340
Mutton Boneless Masala (4 Pcs)350
Mutton Bhuna (4 Pcs)385
Mutton Chanp 265
Mutton Dahi (3 Pcs)320
Mutton Dal Gosht (4 Pcs)320
Mutton Do Pyaza (3 Pcs)355
Mutton Dum Gosht Handi (3 Pcs)355
Mutton Kadai (3 Pcs)340
Mutton Kassa (3 Pcs)260
Mutton Malai (3 Pcs)315
Mutton Masala (3 Pcs)310
Mutton Nalli Gosht (3 Pcs)400
Mutton Pasanda (shredded)350
Mutton Pepper Fry (boneless)335
Mutton Reshmi Butter Masala (6 Pcs)430
Mutton Rezala (1 pc)255
Mutton Rogan Josh (3 Pcs)400
Mutton Stew (4 Pcs)370
Mutton Tikya (1 pc)175
Mutton Tikka Butter Masala (6 Pcs)440
Mutton Keema 320
Mutton Lajawab 420

Chicken in Gravy

Chicken Achari Butter Masala (6 Pcs)355
Chicken Masala (3 Pcs)270
Chicken Bharta (shredded)270
Chicken Boneless Masala (4 Pcs)280
Chicken Butter Masala  (4 Pcs)280
Chicken Chaap (1 pc)245
Chicken Do Pyaza (3 Pcs)300
Chicken Garlic Butter Masala (6 Pcs)355
Chicken Hariyali Butter Masala  (6 Pcs)355
Chicken Kassa (1 pc)250
Chicken Lahori (3 Pcs)290
Chicken Pepper Fry (boneless)310
Chicken Reshmi Butter Masala (6 Pcs)370
Chicken Rezala (1 pc)250
Chicken Stew (4 Pcs)290
Chicken Tandoori BNutter Masala (2 Pcs)320
Chicken Tandoori Butter Masala  (4 Pcs)520
Chicken Tangri Butter Masala (2 Pcs)270
Chicken Tangri Butter Masala (4 Pcs)420
Chicken Tikka Butter Masala  (6 Pcs)370
Kadai Murgh (3 Pcs)290
Murgh Chatpata (3 Pcs)295
Murgh Makhani (3 Pcs)295
Egg Curry (3 eggs)220
Chicken Arsalan Masala (3 Pcs)325


Mutton Qorma (2 Pcs)280
Chicken Qorma (1 Pcs)250
Egg Qorma (2 Pcs)210ṣ

Arsalan Special 

Irani Khichdi (Fridays)370
Fsh Tikka Masala 440
Murgh Musallam (served after 1 or 2 hrs)710
Murgh Tumbuk (served after 1 or 2 hrs)725
Mutton Raan Musallam (served after 2 hrs)2700
Bakra Musallam (8 kgs) (served after 24 hrs)12000

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Dal Fry 175
Dal Makhani215
Kadai Paneer 235
Mix Veg245
Matar Paneer215
Paneer Hariyali Butter Masala 370
Navratan Korma225
Palak Paneer225
Paneer Butter Masala265
Paneer chili Masala225
Paneer Kofta (2 Pcs)225
Paneer Tikka Butter Masala 370
Sabji Arsalan325
Shahi Chole Masala 195


Afghani Pulao205
Ghee Rice170
Jeera Rice185
Kashmiri Pulao215
Kushka Pulao185
Navratan Pulao225
Peas Pulao185
Steamed Rice150

Roti & Naan

Arsalan Special Naan 130
Butter Naan 85
Cheese Naan100
Kabuli Naan115
Keema Naan145
Laccha Paratha50
Paneer Naan125
Masala Kulcha125
Masala Naan125
Rumali Roti30
Tandoori Roti 30
Tandoori Roti with Butter40
Plain Naan75
Garlic Naan100

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Chicken Kakori Roll135
Chicken Roll95
chicken Egg Roll105
Mutton Roll100
Egg Roll50
Paneer Roll95
Mutton Kakori Roll155
Veg Roll75
Mutton Egg Roll110
Tikya Roll120
Egg Paneer Roll10
Egg Tikya Roll135
Egg Vegetable Roll9085
Double Egg Roll120
Double Chicken Roll125
Double Mutton Roll125
Dble Mutton Egg Roll140
Special Arsalan Roll130


Salad 85
Apples grapes Salad130
Big Salad95
Mixed Raita95
Mixed Raita75


Firni 65
Shahi Tukda160

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Now that you have the entire Arsalan Chinar Park Menu Card at your disposal, you can start picking your favorites and preferences for your next visit. You can readily use this Arsalan Menu Card for ordering online as well. Have the best feast at Arsalan with its impeccable variety and unforgettably tasty dishes. Check out the Arsalan Menu Card from here!

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