Must Try and the Best Street Food in Kolkata

best street foods in kolkata

Best street food in kolkata: Kolkata, the culinary epicenter of India, is known for its incredibly wonderful cuisine. From Channar Jilipi to Phuchkas, the mouthwatering flavors will tantalize your taste buds in this joyous city. If you carry our best street food in Kolkata guide close at hand, after tasting these 10 meals from the diverse selection, you’ll have covered all the main features of the regional cuisine.

10 Best Street Food in Kolkata

Are you looking for the best street food in Kolkata, a bustling city, while you are visiting? There are lots of great street food options in the city, ranging from specialty desserts to mouthwatering chaats, that will definitely make you happy! These are the best street food in Kolkata that you should sample while strolling around the area and savoring a variety of tastes and spices.


best street food in kolkata fuchka

Puchkas, a street food specialty of Kolkata, are perhaps the greatest. They are packed with mashed potatoes, seasoned, and served with pickled water, pudina, and lime. They’re from the same family as golgappa, but what sets them apart from gol gappa or pani puri is their typical Kolkata flavor.

Ghugni Chaat

ghugni chaat
source: Naturally Nidhi

Should you have ever had Mumbai’s Ragda, you will have some idea of what we mean. Boiled yellow and white peas are the primary ingredient in ghugni; they are combined with tomatoes, onions, coriander, chilies, and spices before being covered in tamarind pulp. In Kolkata, this street dish is quite well-liked, and it certainly merits its fame!

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Kathi Rolls

best street food kolkata kathi rolls
Source: Your Food Lab

Come together, all you roll lovers! Because the Kathi Rolls in Kolkata are anything but simple. They have everything—eggs, goat, chicken, paneer, you name it. You roll up a flaky flour paratha with your preferred filling, loaded with mouthwatering spices, sauces, and vegetables. You can have a taste of the best street food in Park Street Kolkata in the best street restaurant in Kolkata which serves delicious Kathi Rolls.

Keemar Doi Bora

best street food kolkata keemar doi bora
Source: iDiva

Keemar Doi Bora consists of meat Dahi Bada dipped in sweet dahi and topped with panch phoron, a mixture of cumin, cinnamon, fenugreek, and black mustard seeds. This is the best street food in Burrabazar Kolkata, and it’s a unique cuisine that north Indians should try.


best street food kolkata shinghara
Source: Get Bengal

Shingara, also known as samosa in other parts of India and the world, is a triangle-shaped fried snack filled with potatoes that you yearn to have in the evening with a hot cup of masala chai. In addition to aloo stuffing, Shingara, the greatest street food in Kolkata, also serves lamb, chicken, and mutton.

Kabiraji Cutlet

best street food kolkata kabiraji cutlet
Source: LBB

A journey to Kolkata would not be complete for non-vegetarians unless they sample the renowned Kabiraji cutlet, which is well worth the expense. Made with minced mutton that’s deep-fried after being wrapped in egg net, the cutlet has an incredible flavor. Of all the delectable street cuisine offered here, the Kabiraji cutlet is an absolute must-try.

Dragon Chicken

best street food kolkata dragon chicken
Source: FabHotels

When it comes to street food options as well as traditional Bengali cuisine, Kolkata is unquestionably considered the gastronomic capital of India. The delicious Chinese food is one of these. The greatest place to have the best chinese street food in Kolkata is on the street across from South City Mall. Additionally, you should definitely try the Dragon Chicken flavor while you’re here.

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Mughlai Parantha

best street food kolkata mughlai paratha
Source: Get Bengal

A roti filled with eggs, onions, broken cutlets, and chicken keema is what is known as a Mughlai paratha. This street cuisine in Kolkata is incredibly delicious and full, making it one of the most fulfilling options available. Try the Mughlai Paratha, which is available practically everywhere in the city.

Chhanar Jilipi

best street food kolkata chanar jhilipi
Source: FabHotels

This juicy, squishy, and chewy street food in Kolkata is a true joy for individuals who have a sweet craving. A jalebi from Kolkata made with cottage cheese is called Chanar Jilipi. It has a texture akin to gulab jamun and is thicker than a typical jalebi. That is essentially the goodness of two candies together.

Aloo Dum Luchi

best street food kolkata aloor dum luchi
Source: MiStay

You’re in for a treat if you haven’t had Aloo Dom, the Bengali equivalent of Dum Aloo, served with luchi. When planning your trip to Kolkata, don’t forget to add Fairlie Place in your schedule so you may enjoy the mouthwatering taste of the bengali spices mixed with mashed potatoes. The Aloo Dom, which is near the central business district, is highly recommended to taste together with other well-known street cuisine and is considered by most Kolkatans to be the best street food in Kolkata.

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There are vendors with magical abilities in every corner of Kolkata! If one were to inquire about the greatest places to get the best street food in Kolkata, we would undoubtedly bring up Burrabazar, Park Street, and College Street! And you can also find the best street food in Esplanade Kolkata.

We can already tell you’re salivating! A wide array of delicious foods that will satisfy your soul may be found in Kolkata’s streets. So, make travel plans to West Bengal, experience the energy of this eastern region, and savor some of Kolkata’s greatest street cuisine.

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