Churmur: The legendary Bengali Snack


Kolkata, India’s vibrant capital of West Bengal, is well-known for its savoury cuisine and rich cultural legacy. Churmur, one of the city’s iconic street foods, stands above all other culinary delicacies, which signifies its unique culinary appeal. The street food scene in Kolkata has invented this delectable dish, which has grown incredibly popular. The long and exciting history of Churmur, its mesmerising taste and how to make this gourmet delicacy at home will all be covered in this essay.

What is this dish about?

Churmur is a delicious street food snack invented in Kolkata and is an essential part of the city’s eating culture. It mixes the best tastes and textures to give the taste buds a pleasurable experience. The dish’s main ingredients include:

  • Boiled potatoes.
  • Sour tamarind chutney.
  • Hot green chutney.
  • Crushed crispy papri (fried dough wafers).
  • A variety of delicious spices.

These ingredients together produce a symphony of flavour and texture that has made Churmur a household name in the City of Joy.

Why is Churmur a famous street food in Kolkata?

In Kolkata, Shurmur has become very popular and many people’s favourite street snack for a number of reasons. It primarily satisfies the city’s inborn passion for street food culture, which with respect to Kolkata, experience is very important. Shurmur is one of the many delectable foods sold by countless food sellers who line the busy streets of Kolkata. Out of all the culinary treats, Shurmur stands out.

churmur chaat

Additionally, the combination of flavours and textures of the Churmur is unique, and it creates a musical symphony in people’s mouths. While the acidic tamarind chutney and zesty green chutney lend a blast of flavour, a delicious crunch in the form of a crispy papri makes it even better. Boiling the potatoes gives the dish a creamy feel and balances the flavour. Churmur is a unique street food experience thanks to its fusion of tastes and textures.

What does Churmur consist of?

The three ingredients present in Shurmur are papri, chutneys, and cooked potatoes. A dough is made using refined flour, salt, and perhaps a dash of turmeric and is deep-fried to create the papri. The dish’s foundation is made from crushed, fried papris, which are first fried.

The tamarind pulp, or the “Imli chutney,” is simmered with jaggery, spices, and water to create the chutney. It produces a flavour profile that is acidic and just a little bit sweet, which gives Shurmur its unique touch. Fresh coriander, mint, green chillies, lemon juice, and a few more spices are combined to make the green chutney, giving it a lively and spicy flavour.

The crushed papri is combined with boiled potatoes that have been cut into small pieces. The chutneys are liberally drizzled over the mixture, imparting their distinct flavours to the food. Chaat masala, roasted cumin powder along with black salt help to heighten the flavour profile. The final touch of freshness and zing comes from sliced onions and a dash of lemon juice.


churmur ingredients

The following ingredients are used to prepare a wonderful plate of Churmur:


Cubed and boiled potatoes are key ingredient in Churmur. They give the dish a creamy feel.


The dish contains other kinds of crispy flakes, like crushed papri (fried flatbread wafers) or puffed rice. These flakes form the dish’s foundation and add a lovely crunch.


The flavour profile of Churmur is acquired with the help of a variety of spices. Chaat masala (a sour and savoury spice combination), roasted cumin powder, black salt (kala namak) for the flavour, and occasionally a teaspoon of turmeric added.


We are going to mention the two most popular sauces used. Tamarind pulp, jaggery (or sugar), and a combination of spices are used to make tamarind chutney, which the local people call imli chutney, a sweet and acidic sauce.

Fresh coriander (cilantro), mint, green chillies, lemon juice, and spices are the main ingredients in green chutney, which the local people call hari chutney, a colourful and hot condiment. It gives Churmur a tangy and energising touch.


For the subtly pungent flavour, chopped onions in Shurmur are a must. The dish’s overall texture and freshness are maintained by onions.


Although almonds are not commonly used in Churmur, you can use them to give the dish your own unique flair. Almonds that have been crushed or diced giving a nutty, crunchy texture.

Please be aware that based on your tastes and the recipe you choose to use, the total amount to be added can change. Changing the ratios and experimenting with ingredients will let you make the Churmur just how you like it. Enjoy the preparation of this delicious street food treat!


Is Churmur now the most eminent street food in Kolkata?

Although there is a wide variety of delicious street delicacies in Kolkata, Churmur is one of the most notable dishes in the streets of Kolkata. It is beloved by both locals and tourists because of the pure joy it brings in itself to the bustling streets of the city.

How can you make a delicious plate of Churmur by yourself?

Here is the stepwise process of making a delicious plate of Churmur:

Get the Flakes ready

The dough wafers should be deep-fried until crispy if using papri. Let them cool after being fried, then break them up into smaller pieces. Make sure the puffed rice is fresh if you use it. To improve the flavour, softly toast it on a dry pan for a few minutes.

Combine the ingredients

The crushed Flakes and the diced boiling potatoes should be combined in a sizable mixing dish. To uniformly distribute the ingredients, add the chopped onions to the mixture.

Spice up your dishes

Over the potato and Flakes mixture, the amount of chaat masala, roasted cumin powder, black salt with a dash of turmeric to be added should be on personal preference. Adapt the spice amounts to your personal taste preferences. You can add more if you want if you want to experiment.

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Include Almonds for Extra Crunch

If you add almonds to your Churmur, sprinkle the mixture with crushed or chopped nuts. This will give the food a deliciously crunchy, nutty flavour.


The growth of Churmur from the original Jhalmuri and the way it became a popular street food snack in Kolkata can be seen in the dish’s history. This delectable dish perfectly captures the city’s thriving street food scene and has become an important part of its culinary legacy.

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