D Bapi Biriyani Restaurant Updated Price List 2023

Quick Overview of D Bapi Biriyani Madhyamgram

D Bapi Biriyani Information 
Outlets Barasat, Kolkata
Time Monday-Sunday: 12 noon – 11 pm
Known for Biriyani 
Payment methods revealing Cash, Card and UPI accepted 
Address 511/A, Madhyamgram Station Road, Barasat, Kolkata
Contact +918981619111 or +919831335118.

D Bapi Madhyamgram: If you are someone living in Kolkata, then you must know how much of an astounding fan each of the people living in Kolkata is for the dish, Biriyani. Although this is a Mughlai preparation, the sweet Calcuttans have added their own magic and uniqueness to it. Nowhere would you find a taste of Biryani if you once tasted the biryani of Kolkata. 

Well, talking about Kolkata and its unique taste in this mouthwatering dish, it will be a pity if we do not mention D Bapi Biriyani! Every place in Kolkata has its own style and flavour of biryani, which are unique but amazingly tasty. One such unforgettable destination to crash to when you want to relish the initial taste of Calcutta biryani is the barasat d bapi biriyani. 

Where would you find D Bapi Biryani Barasat? D bapi Biriyani menu

The location of D Bapi Boriyani is 511/A, Madhyamgram Station Road, Barasat, Kolkata, where you get a variety of amazingly finger-licking Mughlai and north Indian cuisines. The most talked about dish here is definitely chicken and mutton biryani. Along with the mouthwatering selection of biryani, you get accompanied side dishes which complement the main food item most optimally. 

What has made me remember the taste of D Bapi Biryani?

I have personally become a true fan of the amazing aroma, which can make your stomach growl for the upcoming heavenly plates of biryani. The place is truly commendable for its economical and affordable prices. I have found the taste of each item served here, whether biryani or its accompanied side dish, to be equally mesmerizing for my taste buds. But at the same, what appealed to me and took me by surprise was the inexpensive and, thus, highly affordable pricing of the entire menu of this place. 

I have heard that D Bapi Biriyani is famous for allowing drive-through experiences, which makes it easy and hassle-free when you are in a rush. Additionally, I got to experience the most amiable and cooperative staff I could ever find. They were patient with my requests, and the waiting time for serving the food was commendably less. 

Delivery benefits 

This place comes with numerous benefits as well. D Bapi Biriyani offers home delivery of all its unforgettably heavenly dishes. As I have mentioned about its drive-through facility, you can even dine here comfortably and enjoy each bite of the delicious biryani and other dishes, for the place offers you indoor seating as well. 

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Payment facilities 

The payment procedures here, too, are fascinatingly flexible. Whether you want to pay in cash, by card or through UPI, you have every possible option of payment here. The reviews about this place, whether it is about dining-in, takeaways or online deliveries, have been quite praise-worthy.

I myself had heard a lot about D Bapi Biriyani which compelled me to try the place out. I must say, I was left optimally and utterly satisfied to the fullest. If you too want to avail their delicious food items or have any queries, you can readily contact the place at +918981619111 or +919831335118. Read on to know more about D Bapi Biriyani Menu!

To know more about D Bapi biriyani madhyamgram menu price, read the below menu in details.


Item Price 
Mutton Biryani280
Special Mutton Biryani 490
Chicken Biryani210
Special Chicken Biryani340
Aloo Biryani 110

Extras with Biriyani

Item Price 
Extra Mutton210
Extra Chicken 130

Side Dishes to pair with!

Item Price 
Chicken Chap130
Mutton Keema (8 pieces)200
Liver Fry180
Mutton Kasha270


Item Price 
Mineral Water25
Cold Drinks 15/45
Masala Soda25
This was all about d bapi biriyani menu price 2023. If you want to know more about d bapi biriyani barasat, then you should read the article in details.

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