Dilkhusha Cabin- Prestigious eatery of Kolkata since 1902

dilkhusha cabin

Dilkusha cabin kolkata: Kolkata is known as India’s cultural capital, given its rich history, art, literature, century-old eateries, and traditional restaurants. The City of Joy has been able to hold onto the culture of its ancient generations through food. One junction serving old Kolkata’s flavours is the Dilkhusha Cabin, located in the heart of north Kolkata on College Street. This centenarian cabin restraint, though now it is a casual restaurant, has been consistent when it comes to food quality and is still visited by flocks of office-goers and college students. 

Dilkhusha Cabin

The word Dilkhusha translates to ”one that makes your heart happy”. Located in the heart of north Kolkata, at the College Street crossing, which is also known as the ”Boipara” or the Book street of Kolkata, this 115-year-old cabin restaurant has been serving the flavours of Calcutta for more than a century, would indeed please your heart and soul. 

This Centurion cabin restaurant was founded in 1902, has been serving and catering to its customers for more than ten decades, and has become a city heritage site. The fourth generation of the founder now manages it. Even though, with moving times, people have started to visit air-conditioned cafes, Dilkhusha has managed to hold its place in the people’speople’s hearts. 

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In this era, where most cafes try to draw in people by look the ambience, free Wi-Fi, and aesthetic interiors, the flavour of nostalgia and authentic, tasty food have been the only driving force that attracts people to Dilkhusha Cabin. They might not have fancy interiors, but their food is high quality. 

Even though the number of cabin restaurants has decreased due to poor business, Dilkhusha Cabin has maintained its game. It is among the top and the best competitors in the restaurant business. Currently, the cabin is crowded with college students and office goers, who drop by in the evening or during their lunch breaks to add flavour to their tiresome and monotonous weekdays. 

During its heydays, Dilkhusha Cabin had six cabins. Though in the year the heritage eatery went under some makeover in the year 2011, when the six cabins were removed, and the eatery was converted into a casual restaurant. Though, much did not change in the menu or the prices. Dilkhusha cabin has got some amazing items. Make sure to check out Dilkhusha Cabin menu.


The inception of Dilkhusha CabinDilkhusha Cabin History

About half a century ago, Irani cafes became a thing in Mumbai, influencing the eating-out culture there. Around the same time, similar changes took place in Kolkata’sKolkata’s eating culture that gave birth to several ”cabin” restaurants, a paradigm shift in Calcutta’s restaurant scene. 

The restaurants were called cabin restaurants as they contained plywood partitioned curtained cabins. These cabin eateries sprouted during a time when society was very conservative. At that time, respectable women from the upper classes were prohibited from being seen in public. Since eating out became a part of Kolkata’s culture, such plywood partitioned curtained cabin restaurants were introduced.

These curtained cabins facilitated women to go out and eat with their families while being immune from the public eye. The whole cabin restaurant concept was new and unique to Kolkata, as a result of which it gained popularity in no time. Among many such cabin restaurants was Dilkhusha Cabin.

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Dilkhusha was among the very first cabin restaurants that sprouted on College Street. It was known for its cutlets and Kabiraji. The cabin used to be packed in the evening when college students and office goers stopped here for a bite after a tiresome day. This place was quite popular and a commonplace ”adda” for people visiting the nearby theatres in Bhowanipore and Hatibagan. Dilkhusha Cabin was also a place of leisure for many renowned personalities like Ganesh Pyne and Kaji Nazrul Islam, to name a few.   

As time passed by, this place became popular among the couples. Since society was still much conservative, dating was not prevalent in those times. The plywood partition cabins draped in curtains provided them with privacy which was challenging in this city. The Dilkhusha cabin has indeed played a vital role in youngsters’ everlasting, budding romance. This was all about Dilkhusha Cabin History!

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Gastronomical Gems of Dilkhusha Cabin 

Even though the place’s interiors have changed, it can be visited for its heritage value. Dilkhusha Cabin has held on to its vintage pocket-friendly menu that contains all the authentic signature Bengali delicacies and some new additions like Indo-Chinese dishes and cold beverages. Though, do not ask if the dishes are worth trying. Here are some of the signature authentic dishes that you must try at Dilkhusha when you are craving some authentic Bengali snacks.

dilkhusha cabin chicken cutlet

Fish Kabiraji

Kabiraji is a signature dish of all vintage eateries of Kolkata, and Dilkhusha is no exception. What makes Kabiraji different from a cutlet is its coating, which is made of whisked egg poured on the fish fillet while it’sit’s deep frying. They use Bengal bhetki in their fish kabiraji, served with kasundi or mustard.  

Mutton Breast cutlet

The mutton breast cutlet is for all meat lovers who ignore calories or cholesterol. A tender piece of mutton encased in a thin layer of breading adds a crispy bite to the cutlet when deep fried, served with salad and kasundi, the mutton breast cutlet is best to have with a cup of tea.  

Chicken Kabiraji

If you are not a lover of fish, then you can try the chicken kabiraji instead of the fish kabiraji. A boneless piece of seasoned chicken is deep-fired while whisked eggs are poured on top of it, which makes a crispy yet fluffy coating.   

Fish Fry

Fish fry is a famous Bengali snack, and Dilkhusha does justice to this Bengali delicacy. Marinated piece of Bengal bhetki coated in a thin layer of breading is deep fried, is served alongside mustard and salad. A perfect evening snack.   

Doi Chicken

Doi in Bengali means curd. Doi chicken essentially means chicken in curd gravy, a Dilkhusha specialty. Unlike other chicken dishes, curd chicken is light as only whole spices are used, and it tastes best with hot tawa rotis.

It is to be noted that Dilkhusha only takes cash as a payment method. After four generations of change in management and a century of service, the taste of the food at Dilkhusha still manages to strike a chord in the heart of all generations.     

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