Flurys- Prosperous Tearoom of Kolkata since 1927


Flurys, the legendary tearoom, is the only one of its kind in Kolkata. Adorning the century-old Stephen Court Building, Flurys has become synonymous with Kolkata. The name itself evokes feelings of nostalgia and old-world Calcutta among generations.

Established in the early 1900s, Flurys has become a part of Kolkata’s culture and remain one of the most vogue destinations of Kolkata. But do you know what this iconic tearoom was like when it was established or what heritage items it offers? Keep scrolling to learn more about the heritage eatery.

History of Flurys 

The inception of Flurys dates back to the early 1900s when Kolkata was the capital of the British colonies in India. It was founded by a Swiss couple, Mr Joseph Flury and his wife Freida, in 1927 in the heart of Kolkata – Park Street. They started this bakery to introduce fine European confectionery as they were not readily available then. In no time, Flurys had become the most popular tearoom for the prosperous and thriving residents of the city.

As it was the only tearoom in Kolkata that served authentic Swiss and other European delicacies, Flurys used to be busy from morning till night as the prosperous Britishers and wealthy upper-class Indians visited to chat or relax over a pot of warm Darjeeling tea and delicious confections such as exotic cakes, pudding, and the best Swiss chocolates one can find outside of the European continent. 

As time passed by, Flurys became a part of Kolkata’s heritage. After four decades of running the tearoom, in 1965, the Swiss couple decided to move back home and handed the ownership to Jit Paul, a hotelier in Park Street. Even after the change in management, Flurys continued to serve high-quality customer service. 

Flurys also became the den for Calcutta’s artistic giants like Satyajit Jay and Mrinal Sen. It also played the perfect cupid to the longing love of girls and boys of neighbouring Loreto and St. Xavier’s college. In 2004, the tea house underwent renovation when the present pink and white European typography look was added.    


Flurys – In the Present Time

Today after many historical changes, renovations, and an ownership alteration, it continues to evoke nostalgic emotions as new and old members of the Flurys family keep visiting. Located on Park Street, with its bright pink board and white typography, the shop is hard to miss. 

Given the change in customer preferences, it is still known for its exotic, delicious confections and many new menu additions. The shop remains very busy during the morning as people visit to satisfy their morning hunger.  

Breakfast at Flurys

Apart from serving mouth-watering confections, Flury also specializes in traditional English breakfast. It opens around 7:30 and gets jam-packed in no time, with morning walkers dropping in to satisfy their morning hunger. Therefore, if you are craving some authentic English breakfast in Kolkata, park street’s Flurys is your destination. 

The iconic breakfast platter consists of two grilled sausages, one poached egg, two crispy strips of bacon, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, and two slices of bread with butter on the side, along with tea or coffee. The ‘on toast’ is another favourite breakfast item, and it is toasted bread glazed with a layer of butter and a generous amount of creamy mushroom, baked beans, or chicken. 

As the taste and preference of customers evolved, and people became more serious and conscious about their health and demanded vegan options, Flurys redesigned their menu by adding healthy, vegan, and gluten-free breakfast options. 

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Healthy Breakfast Options 


To make their breakfast healthier, Flurys has introduced the Joggers Breakfast. This breakfast platter is a healthier version of the original platter, which consists of three egg-white omelettes with spinach and onion, high-fibre multigrain bread instead of regular bread, low sodium chicken sausage, lean low, cucumber or carrot juice instead of the usual fruit juice, rind less bacon along with decaffeinated tea or coffee. 

Vegan and Gluten Free Options

Flurys exclusively stocks gluten-free bread in various flavours such as oregano, focaccia, and plain bread for their vegan customers. In addition to the gluten-free bread, they make gluten-free celebration cakes with many flavours like chocolate mousse, fresh fruit gateaux, etc. 

Quintessential Confections 

The menu at Flurys has evolved with changing times; it continues to serve its customers with its classic confections marked with an H (for heritage) on the menu. If you are someone willing to visit Flurys to taste some of their classic items but doesn’t know which ones you should try, here are the top quintessential heritage items that one must have-

Chicken Puff

The chicken at Flurys is unlike any other chicken puff you will eat. The crust is thin and crispy with generous chicken filling cooked in a simple, neither spicy nor bland seasoning. 

Chicken sandwich

Flurys believes in serving simple yet delicious snacks. The classic chicken sandwich comes with shredded chicken seasoned with pepper and salt, no fancy spices or herbs, placed generously between the slices of bread. This is not grilled until you specifically order the grilled variant. 


This chocolate treat at Flurys has no ice cream, syrup, or toppings. The brownie has a chunky texture, and you will get a sandy feel as you bite on it. The brownies have a slightly bitter taste, which is testimony to the consistent use of high-quality chocolate. 

Cube cake 

Cube cakes are an exclusive confection that you will only find in Flurys. Unlike the regular hard-style Flury cake, the cube cakes are soggy in texture as they are dipped in sugar syrup and look like small cubes covered in fondant-like cream.  

Rum Balls

Rum balls, known for their sticky texture and aftertaste, are an iconic dessert item of Kolkata. Essentially made to use up the slightly edgy cake, the rum balls are prepared by using good-quality rum and other titbits.  

At Flurys, emotions mingle with meals. People worldwide visit Flurys to taste its iconic and nostalgic dishes. This place emanates old-world Calcutta with its rich history and vintage décor. If you are visiting Kolkata and not dropping by this heritage institution, you are truly missing out on some scrumptious confectionery. 

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