College Street Coffee House Menu: Indian Coffee House Updated Menu Card 2023

Indian coffee house

Quick Overview of the Indian Coffee House

Indian Coffee HouseInformation
OutletsBankim Chandra Street
TimeMonday-Saturday: 9 am- 9pm; Sunday: 9 am-1 pm, 5 pm-9 pm
Known forChinese, Fast Food and Beverages
Address15, Bankim Chatterjee Street, Near College Street, Kolkata

Every Bengali has a special place for the Coffee House in their hearts. I doubt that I will find a single Bengali who has not heard Manna Dey’s evergreen melody.

And it is a must for every person in Kolkata to visit this legendary place at least once. It is the perfect place for gathering with your college mates and relishing the signature delicacies with truckloads of gossip and chats.

What is the Indian Coffee House known for?

Let us not forget what our legendary singer Manna Dey said about this wonderful place! Well, first things first, this place is popular because Great Men have created some of the greatest songs, which in these present times, are written no more. The Indian Coffee House is also the first and, thus, the oldest cafe in India. Its establishment took place on February 10, 1958. Make sure to check out Indian Coffee House Kolkata Menu.

What are the must-tries of the Indian Coffee House?

Now that we know the history let us dive into the mouth-watering dishes which have made the Indian Coffee House known all over the world. The must-try list starts with none other than Fish Kabiraji. People of Kolkata would have just guessed it before mentioning it.

The list continues with onion pakora, the perfect snack for every Bengali home. The other signature dishes include Mutton Afghani, Veg Hakka Chowmein, Chicken Sandwiches, and Egg Sandwiches.

Where to find the Indian Coffee House?

The biggest destination for books in Kolkata is none other than College Street. And in the heart of it is the Indian Coffee House. You will find it at 15 Bankim Chatterjee Street, Near College Street, Kolkata. Thus, after long college hours, office breaks, and class bunks, this is the most loved place to crash for every individual, no matter what their age.

Why choose Indian Coffee House? Brief about Coffee House Menu.

Other than its delicious dishes and historical background, the Indian Coffee House is also known for its ambience. Songs play in the background while you devour the delicacies and chit-chat with your friends. Also, it is one of the most pocket-friendly destinations for every food and chat-lover!

The interior area is humungous, which makes it a warm and welcoming place. The staff is amoebae, and the decoration is gorgeous. If you want the dishes of the Indian Coffee House on the go, it offers takeaway facilities as well.

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Fish (Per Pc.)

Fish Fry100
Fish Kabiraji115
Baked Fish140


Chicken Chowmein Hakka120
Mutton Hakka145
Egg Chowmein Hakka110
Veg. Chowmein Hakka100
Mix Chowmein Hakka170
Veg Fried Rice110
Egg Fried Rice120
Chicken Fried Rice130
Mutton Fried Rice160
Mix Fried Rice180
Chilli Chicken (6 Pcs.)100
Chili Chicken Boneless (6 Pcs.)100
Chicken Sweet & Sour200
Garlic Chicken100
Fish Finger (6 Pcs.)200
Chicken Pakoda (5 Pcs.)100
Tomato Soup120
Chicken Corn Soup100
Chicken Clear Soup140
Vegetable Soup110
Indian Coffee House blog


Special Coffee50
Hot Coffee25
Cold Coffee45
Cold Coffee with Cream65
Infusion (Black Coffee)20
Tray Coffee (Hot per cup)45


Onion Pakoda (5 Pcs.)35
Butter Toast (2 Pcs.)28
Bread Butter (2 Pcs.)24
Plain Slice Bread (2 Pcs.)15
Vegetable Cutlet50

Chicken Per Piece

Chicken Cutlet90
Chicken Kabiraji100
Chicken  Afghani115

Sandwich Per Plate

Chicken Sandwich80
Mutton Sandwich90
Egg Sandwhich50
Veg Sandwich45

Egg Item

Boiled Egg12
Egg Fried18
Chicken Omelette80
Mutton Omelette90

Mutton Per Piece

Mutton Cutlet100
Mutton Kabiraji110
Mutton Afghani125

So, give a call to your friends and colleagues to crash at the Indian Coffee House. Swing with the vintage melodies and ambience with the endless gossips and catch up with the chats like before, over the perfect and divinely delicious delicacies of this evergreen destination. Check out the latest college street coffee house menu from here.

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