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mitra cafe menu

Quick Overview of Mitra Cafe

Mitra CafeInformation 
Outlets Sovabazar, Kolkata (Other outlets present)
Time Monday-Sunday: 5 pm- 10 pm
Known for Seafood, Bengali, North Indian, Chinese
Address 47, Jatindra Avenue, Shobha Bazar, Kolkata
Contact +919830342665

When we speak of cafes and Kolkata together, the must-mention name is Mitra Cafe! It is one of the first and, thus, now one of the oldest cafes in Kolkata, which has successfully sustained its reputation. Presently, this amazing cafe has numerous outlets, but it all started with Sovabazar. So, before going to the heritage sovabazar branch, check out the Mitra Cafe sovabazar menu from here.

The cafe was the creation by Shri Sushil Roy in 1910. Throughout all these years, which is more than 100 years, Mitra Cafe has continued to grow and spread its eminence throughout Kolkata and even outside. Here in this article, we will get a brief insight about Mitra cafe serampore menu!

Why Mitra Cafe Menu is so famous?

I have often wondered what has made this cafe sustain its prominence. Well, to find the answer, I had to visit and find it myself. And it will be an understatement to say that Mitra Cafe is impeccable in every aspect as a cafe. Well, it is not just about its heavenly and unforgettable delicacies, but the ambience and the staff are equally praise-worthy. 

When we say cafe in these modern times, we picture something which is Instagram-worthy. But, if you are a fan of the vintage vibes and pure essence of being in Kolkata, there can be no other destination than Mitra Cafe. 

It is needless to say that we must keep our Bengali culture breathing and hearty. Because of the amalgamation or, rather should I say, adulteration of the West, we are slowly losing our own Bangaliyana! Thus, I always find myself being driven towards cafes like Mitra Cafe for their grip on the pure essence of Kolkata, the pure essence of Bengali culture. However, to know why Mitra face is so famous, you need to know about Mitra Cafe menu card.

Outlets of Mitra Cafe in Kolkata 

Branch Address Contact 
Sovabazar47, Jatindra Mohan Avenue,Kolkata – 700 005, West Bengal, India919830342665
Shyambazar 3/A, Bhupen Bose Avenue,Kolkata – 700 004, West Bengal, India84200 54129
Gariahat Golpark23/37, Gariahat Road,Kolkata – 700 029, West Bengal, India090076 95923
Saltlake Near Water Tank No 7,Block BG2, Sec 2, Salt Lake City,Kolkata- 700091.084201 61111
Dum Dum14L/1A, Dum Dum Road,Kolkata – 700 030, West Bengal, India84200 21132
Birati Maharaja NandaKumar Road, Jessore Road, Mahajati Nagar, Birati, Kolkata-700051, West Bengal, India8420984444
Digha Gadadharpur, Digha, West Bengal 721428084201 61111
Siliguri COSMAS MALL, Ward 43, Dasrath Pally,Bhanu Nagar, Siliguri, West Bengal 734001070442 76666
DIAMOND PLAZA68, Jessore Rd, Ward Number 23,Satgachi, South Dumdum, West Bengal 700055918420021131
SILIGURI, Hakim ParaHakim Para, Nazrul Sarani,Siliguri, West Bengal 734001919903247111

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Must-try of Mitra Cafe | Mitra Cafe Menu

As I have mentioned earlier, I visited Mitra Cafe to understand the reason behind its prolonged and successful fame. And the fundamental reason which compelled me to agree that this cafe is worth all its name is its signature delicacy. But I was more excited to know about the Mitra Cafe Menu Card.

I had heard from many about the numerous must-try eminently popular dishes of Mitra Cafe. And I couldn’t help but give it a try to all of them. It started with the Brain Chop, then to the Fish Diamond Fry, Mutton Kabiraji, Mughlai Chicken, and Chicken Afghani. I ended my mouth-watering journey at Mitra Cafe with its famous Choco Pudding. You can find this item in the Mitra Cafe Menu Card.

And when I tell you each delicacy was breathtakingly sumptuous and divine in taste, I mean every alphabet of these words. They are worthy of every praise that comes out of every mouth. 

Facilities at Mitra Cafe.

The cafe is a perfect destination for dining with friends and family, providing the perfect indoor seating. The ambience is such that it will pump your mood and lift your jolliness. Otherwise, if you are more of an on-the-go, you can also readily avail yourself of the takeaway facility of this cafe.

Additionally, if you want to dive into the delicacies of this cafe at your home itself or send someone their favourite dishes from this cafe, the Home Delivery services make it really possible. 

Mitra Cafe Mahajati Nagar Menu and Mitra Cafe Gadadharpur menu as well as all other Mitra Cafe menu card is almost the same. The list of items available in Mitra cafe Menu card are as follows.


Item Price 
Crispy Chilly Babycorn 160
Mushroom Salt & Pepper170
Mushroom Chilli170
Paneer Manchurian 170
Chilli Paneer170


Item Price 
Drums of Heaven175
Crispy Chicken 190
Chicken Lollypop (5Pcs)170
Dry Chilli Chicken 160
Chilli Fish Dry220


Item Price 
Coriander Fish Fry225

Bengali Main Course

Item Price 
Vetki Paturi175
Pabda Jhal190
Ilish Bhapa170
Ruhi Kalia160
Kochupata Diye Chingri Bhapa 220
Steam Rice90
Sukto 95
Alu Bhaja40
Dal 55
Alu Posto95
Luchi (4Pcs.)30
Chutney 30
Alu Diye Mangshor Jhol (4Pcs.)260

Mutton Main Course

Item Price 
Mutton Kosha 270
Mutton Handi (Full)499
Mutton Handi (Half)260

Chicken Main Course

Item Price 
Chicken Kasha 230
Balti Chicken (B/L 3 Pcs.)190
Chicken Do-Pyaza240
Chichek Butter Masala (5Pcs.)250

Veg Main Course

Item Price 
Paneer Butter Masala 180
Mixed Veg100


Item Price 
Mixed Chow Hakka 160
Egg Chicken Chow 130
Egg Chow110
Chicken Chow120
Veg Chow 90
Mixed Chow Gravy180
Egg Chicken Chow Gravy140
Egg Chow Gravy120
Chicken Chow Gravy110
Veg Chow Gravy110


Item Price 
Chicken Fried Rice/Chow+Chilli Chicken210
Veg Chow+Chilli Paneer+Fried Babycorn210
Mixed Chow Chilli Chicken Lollypop250
Chicken Fried Rice Chilli Chicken + Crispy Chicken210
Chicken Do Pyaza (3 PCS) + Tandoori Roti (2 PCS.) + Salad210
VEeg Fried Rice / Veg Chow + Chilli Paneer+Crispy Baby Corn250
Chicken Fried Rice / Chicken Chow + Garlic Chicken / Chilli Chicken275
Veg Fried Rice+Chilli Paneer+ Fried Babycorn210
Butter Naan+Mutton Kosha+Salad250
Luchi (4PCS) +Aloo Dum+Cholar Dal160
Luchi+Mutton Kosha+Salad230
Moong dal + Steam Rice+Alu Bhaja+ Rui Kalia170
Steam Rice+Vetki Paturi+Dal + Aloo Bhaja+Aloo Posto295
Steam Rice+ Aloo Diye Murgir Jhol+Chutney 250
Steam Rice + Aloo Diye Mangsho+Chutney299
Steam Rice+Pabda Shorshe+Dal+Aloo Bhaja299
Steam Rice+Kochu Chingri Bhapa+Rui Kalia260

Fried Rice 

Item Price 
Chicken Fried Rice 130
Egg Fried Rice 120
Egg Chicken Fried Rice 140
Mixed Fried Rice 175
Veg Fried Rice 90

Chinese Fish Gravy

Item Price 
Fish With Red Wine (5Pcs.)240
Fish Schezwan240
Fish Manchurian240

Chinese Chicken Gravy 

Item Price 
Chicken Manchurian (5Pcs.)170
Chicken With Red Wine (5Pcs.)190
Chicken With Oyster sauce (5Pcs.)190
Schezwan Chicken 180
Garlic Chicken 170

Chinese Prawn Gravy 

Item Price 
Prawn Schezwan410
Prawn Chilly390

Roti and Naan

Item Price 
Lachha Paratha 46
Butter Roti40
Butter Naan55
Plain Naan50
Tandoori Roti30

Tandoori and Kebabs

Item Price 
Quail Tandoori (2Pcs.)250
Paneer Tikka (5 Pcs.)175
Chicken Reshmi Kebab (5Pcs.)210
Chicken Tikka Kebab (5Pcs.)200
Tangri Kebab (2Pcs.)190
Pora Bhetki (Whole)270
Pomfret Tandoori240
Chicken Tandoori Half (2Pcs.)190
Chicken Seekh Kebab 170
Chicken Tikka Butter Masala 260

Seafood Special 

Item Price 
Squid Chilly /BT Garlic290
Octopus Chilly /BT Garlic250
Crab Chilly (1Pc.)250

The mitra cafe menu takes a while to end, which reflects the variety you can relish on when you visit Mitra Cafe. With each dish being equally unforgettable, Mitra Cafe is a must for every foodie! So learn about the Mitra Cafe Menu before visiting the place.

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