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Kolkata, rightfully known as The City of Joy, has a diverse population in terms of lifestyle, traditions, religion, etc. One thing that unites all the denizens of this city is food. Mitra Cafe is famous for its delicious street food and cult food joints, some of which have been operating for over a century. Kolkata’s need something spicy and crispy to bite onto with their evening ‘chaa’, as a result of which you will find a street food shop in every lane and locality of this city. 

North Kolkata is a paradise for any foodie as it houses an array of famous street food joints serving some of the best-fried snacks. Mitra Cafe in Sovabazar is one such prestigious outlet that has been serving traditional Bengali snacks since 1910. If you want to know more about Mitra Cafe Menu, check it out here.

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Mitra Cafe, Sovabazar 

Mitra Cafe is the place for all those foodies who want to get a flavour of old-world Kolkata. This century-old eatery has earned itself a legendary status for serving some of the most ethereal snacks. Mitra Cafe is a master of creating bonds through food which reflects in the long queues outside the shop. 

This heritage eatery was founded by Shri Sushil Roy in 1910, and he started this immaculate journey in the culinary world, intending to spread happiness through food. The Mitra cafe was established when the eating culture in Kolkata went under a paradigm shift after similar changes in other parts of the country. 

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According to history, the founder, Shri Sushil Roy, received this place as a gesture of friendship from Ganesh Mitra. Mitra in Bengali means friend. To reciprocate his friend’s gesture and to etch the bond that led to the inception of this iconic eatery, he named this place the Mitra Cafe. After the unfortunate death of the founder, his wife, Mrs Gita Roy, took over the management and is currently managed by Tapas Roy, their grandson. 

Locating this cafe is not a hassle. The eatery is near the Sovabazar crossing, facing the Sovabazar Metro Station. The spot is easily accessible to all the foodies in Kolkata who want to visit. They also have branches in Shyambazar, Gariahat, DumDum and VIP Bazar, Birati, Sodepur, Puri and Digha. The link for mitra cafe menu card is listed above. You can check it out!

mitra cafe kabiraji

As soon as you step inside Mitra Cafe, you will be engulfed and attracted by the smell of traditional Bengali snacks and nostalgia. Its wooden furniture, sitting arrangement for two, and rickety chairs will give you a taste of the bygone era. However, they have installed air conditioners to keep up with changing times.

There might be dents on the oil-soaked walls but not a dent in their food. Mitra Cafe has always paid great importance to preparing food that is of excellent quality. They use high-quality ingredients, and their veteran staff prepares the food. 

Over the decades, Mitra Cafe has been graced by many renowned personalities and celebrities like Uttam Kumar, Anjan Dutta, and Bartay Basu, to name a few. Probably their unique recipes, humble behaviour, and legacy have gained a deep-rooted place in people’s hearts. 

Mouth Watering Foods at Mitra Cafe 

At this Cafe, they have tied love and food in an inextricable bond. They try to nudge your taste buds with their food, making you jump with joy. It is the best eatery to visit to taste the quintessential North Kolkata snacks. It has more than 250 eccentric recipes, which beckon people to them for more than a century. 

You know a place sells quality food when the place is always packed with people. The best part of Mitra Cafe is that you will get lip-smacking, quality food at a reasonable price here. If your gut demands more than finger foods, you can try out their spicy curries and some warm rice or crispy ‘lachha parathas’. For our foodies, here are some of the must-try items at Mitra Cafe. If you also want to know about Mitra Cafe Menu price list, check it out.

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Fish Diamond Kabiraji 

The diamond fish kabiraji is a two by five inches marvel that has been a customer favourite since its introduction. The fish used is fresh Bengal bhetki which is marinated and coated in a thin layer of breading. While deep frying, whisked egg whites are added, transforming into a crispy yet soft shell.  

Fish Diamond Fry

This, too, has been a customer favourite for decades. If you do not like eggs or a thick-coated snack, try the diamond fish fry, which is marinated bhetki coated in breading and deep fried and served with kasundi. 

Brain Chop

Now, don’t freak out. Brain and chop together may sound gross, but this is a signature dish of Mitra Cafe, which has been selling like hotcakes for more than 80 years. This Savoury snack is made with goat brain, seasoned with various spices and potato, and deep fried. 

brain chop

Mutton Kabiraji

If you are not a great fan of fish, then this dish is for you. The mutton kabiraji is essentially minced mutton shaped into a crumbed and deep-fried cutlet. While it fries, a beaten egg is poured on top, creating a lacy framework encasing the mutton cutlet. 

Chicken Cutlet

The chicken cutlet is yet another crumbed dish for all meat lovers. Succulent on the inside, this chicken cutlet is popular among regulars. A pounded breast piece of chicken is coated in a batter prepared by mixing flour, eggs, and a blend of spices. This is again coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried. 

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Fish Roll 

The fish roll is for all the fishophiles who wish to try something unique and different than the usual fry and kabiraji. An enticing stuffing of bhetki is wrapped in a layer of bread crumbs which is deep fried till it’s a sinful golden. It tastes best when served with kasundi. 

Despite tough competition from charming cafes and restaurants with a dazzling ambience, Mitra Cafe still stands tall and robust in the culinary business. Therefore, if you are visiting or residing in Kolkata, Mitra cafe Serampore is a must. 

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