Nahoum and Sons – The famous Cake Shop of Kolkata since 1902

Bengali’s love for ‘misti’ or sweets is a well-known fact, and no festival is celebrated without the involvement of its quintessential sweets. Kolkata’s rich colonial history has gifted this city with some of the best architecture, festivals like Christmas, and a variety of sweet recipes introduced by the immigrant communities.

Christmas in Kolkata is synonymous with park street and cake from Nahoum’s, a Jewish Bakery in New Market. This iconic nahoum bakery has been serving the sweet lovers of Kolkata for yesteryears till date with its ambrosial confections. Visiting Nahoum during the winters has become like a ritual passed down from one generation to the other generation. 

Legendary Jewish Bakery of Nahoum’s

Nahoum and Sons is a 115-year-old Jewish bakery established during the British Raj and is the only kind in this region. It is located in the New Market area of central Kolkata. This heritage confectionery is named after its founder Nahoum Israel Mordecai, an immigrant from the Middle East. He belonged to a community of 4000 Jewish people who had immigrated from Syria and Iraq. This Jewish community was known as the Baghdadi Jews. 

Nahoum’s was the most gifted member of his community when it came to baking and confectionery. To earn a living, he started selling confections and cheese from door to door. His lip-smacking delight gained popularity among the British, Anglo-Indian communities, and the locals. Given the success and popularity of his baked goods, in 1916, Nahoum formally established this iconic bakery in the then Sir Stuart Hogg Market. 

Over the years, Nahoum and Sons have become more than a bakery, it is a Jewish cake shop, the only one of its kind in this city. The Jewish community has dwindled from 4000 to only 20 members as many had fled after independence in 1947, ambiguous about the fate of an independent India. 

The heritage bakery was passed on to Nahoum’s son and then to his grandson David Nahoum. In 2013, when David died, the regular patrons were concerned whether the institution would be closed forever, though luckily, Isaac Nahoum took over the business and is managing it skilfully. 

Located in the meandering lanes of New Market, Esplanade, one can easily get lost if the exact location is not known. One easy way to reach the shop will be to take the second left lane after the central rotary of the market and then go through the Bertram Street entrance. Another easy way will be to enter through the Market Street entrance at the back portion of New Market.  

The shop’s legacy has stood the test of time given that, unlike any other heritage confectionery, Nahoum has remained the same in terms of layout and decor. The humble, maybe dull, shop’s interior has cool air, and the shop has the same century-old teak wood furniture and cash till. 

 It is probably the love of the locals who love sweets in any form and have continued to visit this Jewish bakery to satisfy their sweet cravings during the Christmas season. If you visit this place right before the winter holidays, you will be able to witness a mass sugar rush, where people stand in a queue to get their hands on their confections. 

Over the decades, this shop has not failed in spreading happiness among people with its macaroons, pastries, cookies, and other baked delights. People from distant places visit this place regularly to restock their monthly ration of cookies and other confections. People lucky enough to reside near this bakery swear by Nahoum’s bread. 

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Why Should You Visit Nahoum’s and Sons?

Nahoums menu: The rich history of this centenarian Jewish institution might seem enough, but that does not even scratch the surface. This place of confectionary is a paradise for all the people with a sweet tooth. Nahoum caters to its customers with an array of sweet and savoury confections and some special bakery delights, the quality of which has not degraded since its inception.  

As far as the prices are concerned, Nahoum’s has maintained a vintage pocket-friendly nahum bakery kolkata menu. The fact that old and new customers still regularly travel great distances to visit this heritage bakery shows that when it comes to serving their customers, Nahoum’s never compromises with the quality. 

Marvellous Confections || Nahoum’s menu

If you are planning on visiting this iconic Jewish bakery, here are some of the confectionery marvels that you must try. Check out the nahum bakery menu from here.

Lemon Puff

Lemon puff is a perfect combination of sweetness with a zing of sourness. It is a puff pastry filled with a generous amount of lemon curd, which oozes out as you bite. 

Custard Cream Roll

This one is for the ultimate sweet lovers. The custard crème rolls are like melodious little ditty with creamy vanilla custard encased within a flaky shell that bursts out as you bite onto the shell. This sweet delicacy with a hint of saltiness from the shell hits your taste buds in the right spots. 


Nothing is better than an old-school brownie that smells of a mother’s kitchen, and Nahoum understands that. At Nahoum and Sons, you will get the classic chocolate brownie which is neither too sweet nor too bitter and is slightly crispy around the edges.

Rum Balls

A run ball is not perfect until it has a sticky texture and tastes sweet on the outside but bitter and boozy on the inside. Nahoum being the master baker, tick all the criteria’s serving you with the perfect rum balls. 

Sweet Buns

The sweet buns have a magnetic energy that draws people towards them. The warm buns are garnished with a modicum of sugar and currants, which adds a crunch to the soft bun. Once you catch a glimpse of the items, you will be salivating in no time. 

There is no right time in the year for digging into fresh confectionery delights; every time is right. Therefore, the next time you shop at New Market, do not forget to visit this legendary confectionery which has a deep-rooted place in the gastric map of Kolkata. Check out this nahoum and sons private limited confectioners menu before you visit the place. Also to know about Nahoum’s cake price, check out this article.

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