Nahoum Price List: Updated Menu Card 2023

Nahoum Price List: Quick Overview of Nahoum and Sons

Nahoum and SonsInformation 
Outlets Esplanade
Time Monday-Sunday: 9 am – 8 pm
Known for Bakery and Fast Food
Address F47, Hogg Market, New Market Area, Kolkata
Contact +913322520655
nahoum price list

Nahoum Price List: When we see them consecutively, Kolkata, New Market, and food, these three terms fill our Bengali hearts with sheer joy and elation. Kolkata is undoubtedly the City of Joy because in that joy resides our colorful evergreen culture and our ever-mouth-watering food! And in Kolkata, there are numerous places that are a must-visit.

And one of the places which remain crowded on each day of the year is the New Market. Bangali and shopping call for a rush to either Graiahat or Esplanade. But today, I will talk about Esplanade, which, more precisely, will be the New Market. 

Kolkata means good food, and New Market and good food mean a number of legendary places. But if you are craving something sweet in the middle of your shopping spree, Nahoum and Sons is the perfect place to crash. 

Any Kolkatan will definitely know the ever-famous name of this place. With its sweet and lip-smacking delicacies, it continues to be one of the most chosen spots for many other foodies in Kolkata for the sweetest, softest, and unforgettable bakery items and me. I can no longer wait to share all the details of this place so that the next time you visit New Market, you relish all its signature delicacies, just like I do! Check out Nahoum Cake Price List from here!

Where are Nahoum and Sons located? 

New Market is the hub for shopping and food for the Kolkatans. Also, this isn’t the first time that I am mentioning this place’s name in my blog. I have previously talked about many other famous food destinations in the New Market area itself, including Nizams and Anadi Cabin. 

But now, let us talk of something sweet and sugary. And so, let me be specific about the location of Nahoum and Sons. In the New Market area, its exact location is F47, Hogg Market, New Market Area, Kolkata. You might see yourself carrying several more shopping bags by the time you reach this place because it is situated almost at the heart of the Hogg Market. Check out Nahoum Price List from here.

What is Nahoum Bakery famous for?

Being in Kolkata and being a foodie, you must have heard this place’s name, the Nahoum bakery. But why is it so popular? Well, it is undoubtedly for the quality of its delicacies which has not deteriorated since the beginning of its journey. 

Even now, it has the same, or should I say bitter taste in its pastries and other bakery items, which etches an unforgettable gustatory memory. And this keeps bringing you back here for more. Well, there are certain signature delicacies that are a must-try at this place. The most famous decay here is the Lemon Tart. 

The divine section of varieties of pastries available here is another cherishable range of delicacies that have been the reason for this place to sustain its popularity throughout the years. Some of the other popular dishes are the Rich Plum Cake, Sweet Buns, Cheese Patties, Pizza Puff, Heart Cake, and Marzipan. But before going there, you can check Nahoum price list from here.

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What other facilities do you get at Nahoum and Sons?

The delicacies here are undoubtedly unforgettable. Here, you get the takeaway services only because of the lack of indoor seating or dine-in options. At Nahoum and Sons, you can have a hefty and equally delicious breakfast because of its variety of desserts, bakery items, and fast food available of the best quality. You can check them at the Nahoum Price list.

Additionally, the place is highly affordable as well. Thus, if you are a student who wants to have a quick snack or want to satisfy your sweet tooth, Nahoum and Sons is the best pocket-friendly place that de snot compromise on its quality, taste, and variety at all in spite of being ideally affordable. There is a long Nahoum’s history available, but let us focus on the Nahoum menu card Kolkata.

Items Price 
Egg Chop 25
Fish Pantras 40
Chicken Mayonnaise 40
Cheese Puff30
Pizza Puff30
Mini Pies 40
CakesStarting from 100
PastriesStarting from 50

Now you know the perfect place to crash in when you are craving something sweet. At the most affordable rates, you will have the best savories and snacks of Kolkata. But, if you aren’t aware of the menu at Nahoum, you can check out Nahoum Price List from here. In this Nahoum price list, you can find all the confectionaries available at Nahoum. The Nahoum cake price for individual cakes are unknown. You can visit the place and enjoy the delicacies.

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