Nizams Updated Menu Price Card 2023

Quick Overview of Nizams

Outlets New Market, Kolkata 
Time Monday-Sunday: 11.30 am – 11 pm
Known for Biriyani, North Indian, Rolls, Mughlai
Address 23/24, Hogg Street, New Market Area, Kolkata
Contact +919831358936

There is no scarcity of biryani lovers in Kolkata. And our city is not just the city of joy but amazing food, culture, and heritage. And when we talk of food in Kolkata, along with phuchka and rosogolla comes the famous Kolkatan Briyani. Kolkata has its style of biryani, which is incomparable and unforgettable no matter how many other places you try. 

Where would you find Nizams?

Nizams is situated in the New Market area. Its specific address is 23/24 Hogg Street, New Market Area, Kolkata. New Market is one of the most sought-after destinations for shopping for every person in Kolkata. And after a good toil, it is the perfect way to call it a day with the lip-smacking biryani and Kathi Rolls of the Nizams in New Market. There are no branches of Nizams. 

What is the Nizams famous for?

Nizam is famous for its unforgettable biryani and Kathi Kebab Roll. And among cuisines, you will find North Indian and Mughlai cuisine, which has made a permanent place in the hearts of every foodie in Kolkata. Apart from biryani, Nizam’s is also known for its Rolls. The dishes famous here include the kathi kebab, Chicken Kathi, beef Rolls, beef bhuna, Kathi Rolls, beef kebabs, and definitely, its biryani. 

It is not just the food which you will surely cherish after the very first time you visit here. The high affordability will compel you to return here to relish the most mouthwatering dishes at the most inexpensive costs. 

Additionally, the ambiance here is unmatchable with its old yet cozy vintage aura. The seating area is comfortable and can readily facilitate large groups. So, if you want to bring your family and friends, the Nizams can be a holistically ideal choice. The location adds to the many plus factors about this place, as it is located in the New Market area. 

nizams biriyani

Facilities available at the Nizams

The place has an amazing indoor seating arrangement. But, if you want to enjoy the same delicacies at your home, you can readily do so with the home delivery services of the Nizams. Or, you might want to take the delicacies while you are on your way. This place offers takeaway fairies as well. 

The Mouth-watering Menu of the Nizams


Chicken Biryani200
Mutton Biryani210
Tum Tum Biryani (2 Pcs. mutton)292
Nargis Biryani (2 Pcs Chicken) 280
MahaRaja Biryani235
Hyderabadi Biryani240
Egg Biryani130
Paneer Veg. Biryani140
Extra Potato10
Extra Egg12

Mutton Dil-Bahar Gravy

Mutton Chap190
Mutton  Masala (2 Pcs.)180
Mutton Korma (1Pc)180
Mutton Kassa (2 Pcs.)120
Mutton Tikia 95
Mutton Rezala 180
Mutton  Curry (2 Pcs.)190
Mutton Pasanda (Boneless) 260
Mutton Keema Matar195
Mutton Palak (3 Pcs.)255
Mutton Dum Handi (3 Pcs.)265
Mutton Rogan Josh (3 Pcs.)290
Mutton Kadai (3 Pcs.)260
Mutton Do Pyaza (2 Pcs.)265
Mutton Kofta (2 Pcs.)235
Mutton Dhania Kebab260


Chicken Chaap190
Chicken Masala 180
Chicken Korma180
Chicken Kassa95
Chicken Reshmi Butter Masala180
Chicken Tangri Butter Masala190
Chicken  Bharta260
Chicken Pasanda 195
Chicken Do pyaza255
Chicken Kadai265
Chicken Dahi Wala235
Chicken Murgh Akbari260


Double Egg Double Mutton Roll130
Single Egg Double Chicken Roll116
Single Egg Double Mutton Roll120
Egg Chicken Aloo Roll85
Egg Mutton Aloo Roll95
Mutton Tikka Roll110
Double Paratha Double Chicken Roll120
Double Paratha Double Mutton Roll126
Double Paratha Double Chicken Single Egg Roll126
Double Paratha Double Mutant Single Egg Roll130
Double Paratha Double Chicken Double Egg Roll130
Double Paratha Double Mutton Double Roll140

Sigree Kebab Items 

Fish Tikka (5 Pcs.) Kolkata Bhetki200
Chicken Boti Malai Kebab (4 Pcs.)205
Chicken Seekh Kebab (4 Pcs.)215
Veg Shish kebab (4 Pcs.)130
Sigree Platter Five Items Variety 320


Tandoori Roti22
Tandoori Naan45
Butter Tandoori Roti35
Butter Tandoori Naan55
Nizam’s paratha20
Kabuli Naan60
Nizam’s Lachedar Paratha45

Fish Side Dishes 

Fish Tikka Butter Masala215
Fish do Pyaza190
Fish Amritsari170

Nizams Special 

Chicken Kathi Kabab190
Mutton Kathi Kabab195

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Tandoor or Kebab

Chicken Tandoori (Full 4 Pcs.)360
Chicken Tandoori (Half 2 Pcs.)200
Reshmi Kebab (6 Pcs.)260
Chicken Tangri Kebab (Full 4 Pcs.)290
Chicken Tangri Kebab (Half 2 Pcs.)180
Mutton Barra Kebab180
Mutton Seekh Kebab245
Paneer Tikka Kebab175
Murgh Hariyali Kabab210
Mutton Tikka Kebab (6 Pcs.) (Boneless)280
Chicken Malai Zafrani Kabab (6 Pcs.) (Boneless)250
Chicken Peshawari  Kabab (6 Pcs.)215
Chicken Afghani Kabab (4 Pcs.)390
Chicken Nizam’s Special Kabab (6 Pcs.) (Boneless)250
Chicken Bada Kabab (4 Pcs.)210
Chicken Kali Mirch Kabab (4 Pcs.)215
Chicken tikka Kabab (6 Pcs.) (Boneless)225
Chicken Garlic Kabab (6 Pcs.) (Boneless)235

Nizam’s Ka Guldasta Rolls

Chicken Roll 51
Mutton Roll 66
Egg Roll 43
Aloo Roll 37
Paneer Roll50
  Paneer Aloo Roll54
Egg Chicken Roll66
Egg Mutton Roll 71
Egg Aloo Roll 47
Double Chicken Roll103
Double mutton Roll108
Double egg Roll58

Many names can pop into your head, and mine, when talking about Biryani. But, the name we can never miss is the legendary place of Nizams. And to offer you the perfect and updated overview of this fascinating destination for all foodies, I had to try out Nizams. So, this was about Nizam, one of the most iconic biryani destinations of Kolkata. 

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