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Oudh 1590 Menu: Oudh got its birth in Kolkata when it was launched by an ardent foodie and a food lover, Debaditya Chaudhary along with his brother Shiladitya Chaudhary took up the duty of starting the, present day famous food chain called ” Oudh 1590 “. Not known to many people, and also to the “foodies” or the food lovers in town, he was the one who had also launched the famous “chowman” food chain which is currently the best in business for the middle class Chinese lovers.

Oudh restaurant Menu Card is filled with some delicious Awadhi delicacies which brings water to the mouth just while having a glance of it, even before ordering them. Debaditya’s passion for food is quite evident as he could bring the Awadhi food culture to Kolkata, The City of Joy amidst an ambience which suits the Nawabs. While very few of us know that the famous Bengali band, “Lakkhichhara” is also owned by Debaditya, who is also very fond of music.

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The Art of Sealed Cooking found in Oudh 1590 Menu

The royals of Awadh, so called Oudh embraced the “Dum-Pukht” style of cooking food. It is basically a traditional method of cooking meat, vegetables and rice. It uses a big dough, covered with flaming charcoal that is best used for cooking the ingredients perfectly with a flavoury taste of their own juices.

Oudh is famously known for its kebabs, or the starters, followed by the various types of Biryanis in main course. Dum-Pukht style of cooking was known to have emerged during the reign of Nawab Asaf Ud-Daulah. It evolved because during that time, this method was used for cooking food for the workers or the workmen who were constructing the Bada Imambara.

To make cooking simple, one big dough used to be filled with rice, vegetables and meat and spices, all sealed together. And it was the Nawab or the Legend himself who had caught the whiff of the aromas coming out from the cauldrons. And then, he had ordered his royals to serve him the dish which was also served to the workmen. And indeed, the rest is history.

While people look for oudh menu all around in India, it becomes difficult to find one having all the dishes listed together. So here, in this menu card review, we have listed all the items of oudh 1590 menu with price. All the items listed in oudh menu are unique. You can check them out in details before visiting the place.

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Oudh 1590 Kolkata Menu Card


ItemPrice ( INR )
Aam Khaas125
Aerated Water75
Badam Sharbat150
Doodh Gulaab Sharbat145
Gulaab Sharbat125
Soda Shikanji125
Packaged Drinking Water40
Mineral Water75


ItemPrice ( INR )
Green Salad110
Onion Salad90


ItemPrice ( INR )



ItemPrice ( INR )
Murgh Seekh Kabab340
Murgh Zafrani Kabab345
Murgh Qalmi Kabab345
Murgh Sugandhi Kabab345
Murgh Shahi Tangdi Kabab345
Murgh Afghani Kabab345
Murgh Tandoori ( Half/Full )270/475


ItemPrice ( INR )
Gosht Galawati Kabab425
Gosht Kakori Kabab425
GoshtBurrah Kabab435
Gosht Shammi Kabab355


ItemPrice ( INR )
Mahi Tikka Kabab475
Mahi Zafrani Kabab475
Awadhi Sugandhi Mahi475

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ItemPrice ( INR )
Corn Seekh Kabab270
Mushroom Galawati Kabab330
Paneer Sugandhi Kabab270
Shahi Dahi Kabab270
Veg Galawati Kabab275
Veg Seekh Kabab240

Main Course


ItemPrice ( INR )
Awadhi Palak Biryani350
Gosht Awadhi Handi Biryani475
Jhinga Biryani475
Gosht Metiabruz Biryani415
Murgh Metiabruz Biryani350
Moti Biryani450
Murgh Awadhi Handi Biryani450

Indian Breads

ItemPrice ( INR )
Roomali Roti55
Tandoori Roti55
Lucknowi Paratha75
Laccha Paratha75
Plain Naan85
Butter Naan100
Keema Paratha200


ItemPrice ( INR )
Murgh Kofta Biryani415
Murgh Pardah Biryani450
Oudh Special Raan Biryani560
Peas Pulao250
Subz Soya Biryani335
Veg Biryani250
Keema Paratha200

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ItemPrice ( INR )
Awadhi Dal250
Paneer Korma275
Shahi Dal275
Subz Kofta Kalia270
Subz Makhan Masala250


ItemPrice ( INR )
Egg Bhuna250


ItemPrice ( INR )
Murgh Kassa350
Murgh Irani330
Murgh Rezala350
Murgh Bhuna350
Murgh Shahi Korma350
Murgh Kundan Kalia350
Murgh Chaap325


ItemPrice ( INR )
Gosht Bhuna450
Gosht Kundan Kalia450
Gosht Rezala450
Gosht Rogan Josh450
Gosht Shahi Korma450
Gosht Chaap450


ItemPrice ( INR )
Mahi Chaap490
Mahi Kalia490
Jhinga Irani Masala500

Awadhi Specialities

ItemPrice ( INR )
Nawabi Kabab Platter1950
Murgh Mosallam1350
Nehari Khaas450
Brain Masala410
Dal Gosht400
Keema Kaleji410
Sikandri Raan3000
Nargisi Kofta415
ItemPrice ( INR )
Awadhi Murgh Malai365
Awadhi Murgh Zafrani365
Awadhi Jhinga Malai525
Lasuni Palak300
Awadhi Dum Aloo275
Paneer Rezala290
Paneer Zafrani295


ItemPrice ( INR )
Shahi Tukra160
Kulfi Falooda160
Gajar Ka Halwa140

Oudh 1590 Menu Card is listed above. You can check out all the items before you take a step towards the place. Oudh has been serving some delicious kababs and Biryanis for years. So, check out Oudh 1590 Menu and mark your dishes that you would love to have at the restaurant.

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