Putiram Sweets Kolkata Updated Menu Price 2023

Quick Overview of Putiram Sweets

Putiram SweetsInformation 
Outlets College Street, Kolkata
Time Monday-Sunday: 7 am – 9 pm
Known for Mishti, Ice Cream and Desserts 
Payment methods revealing Cash is accepted 
Price for two ₹200
Address 12A, Surya Sen Street, College Street, Kolkata
Contact +919433012395

Can Kolkata and its people exist without its mishtis? The answer is a bold- NEVER! Kolkata is the City of Joy. And the joy that thrives in it is because of its heavenly places, its amazing people, its culture, but most importantly, its food. And whenever we speak of Kolkata and its food, its sweets are a must-mention. 

We, Kolkatans, can seldom go without our sweets. And the forty we have is as incomparable as the taste of each variety. You will find numerous destinations in Kolkata to relish its unforgettable sweet delicacies. But, one destination that will always be etched in the hearts of the Kolkatans is Putiram Sweets. 

It would have been a grave mistake if I had not talked about Putiram Sweets in this blog when I started it with the ‘sweet talks’. You do get the pun here, don’t you? 

Well, leaving the chits chats aside, let me tell you about my sweet experience at Putiram Sweets so that you, too, can visit this legendary sweet destination and devour its unforgettable heavenly, tasting sweet delicacies. 

What is Putiram Sweets famous for?

Now, for the people who are not from Kolkata or have not heard of Putiram Sweets, you might be wondering why I am bloating so much about this place. Why is it legendary? Well, this place is ideal and famous for its sweets, ice creams and desserts. 

Thus, it makes the perfect destination for anyone in Kolkata to try the sweet delicacies of this place. This place is known for its Kachoris and Chholar Dal, which is also known as the Chana Daal. The dishes which are a signature and a must-try at this place inside are Kala Jamun, Ice Cream Sandesh, Chanar Jilipi, Dhokla and definitely and without a miss, the Bengali Sweets.

Thus, it also makes the ideal place for anyone to have a quick and sumptuous breakfast with the most mouthwatering snacks in Kolkata. The variety of its sweets is commendable, and so is its taste. The ice creams are equally ravishing, which would surely compel you to come back here at every chance you get. 

Lastly, the desserts here have a unique taste which marks the uniqueness of Kolkata, its foods, and especially its sweets. 

Where would you find Putiram Sweets?

Reading until now must have sparked at least some craving in you to munch on the Delicacies of this place. Orry not, I will help you find this place so that you can crash into it every time you crave snacks and sweets. 

Staying in Kolkata, you must know the hub of books and stationeries. Yes, you guessed it right, College Street. It is exactly where Putram Sweets is located. For people who are not aware of where College Street is and also for more specific details of its location, Putiram Sweets is situated in 12A, Surya Sen Street, College Street, Kolkata. 

If you are a college student, it is the perfect place to relish the tasty snacks and heavenly sweets of this place and have a gala time with your friends. Also, people who have spent their day collecting books and stationery from the shops of College Streets can have their sweet break and freshen themselves with the divine sweets and ice creams of Putiram. 

Facilities at Putiram Sweets

Apart from its mouthwatering snacks, ice creams and sweets, you will enjoy numerous other benefits at this place. The seating area is vastly spacious, which gives you the perfect ambience for dining with your friends and family and spending quality time with good food and good talks. 

The procedure here is that of self-service, which makes it more convenient for all the customers to relish in the way they would prefer. It is the perfect destination for a quick, sumptuous, yet delicious breakfast. 

Apart from indoor seating, it also offers takeaway facilities. If you would like to enjoy munching on the snacks and sweets of Putiram on the way or at your home, you can readily take your order with you. Most importantly, the sweets here are highly affordable because the cost is highly inexpensive. 

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The Delicious Menu of Putiram Sweets


Items Price 
Radhaballavi 30
Singara 6
Nimkee 6
Dhokla 10
Alur Dom8
Khasta Kochuri 7


Items Price 
Rajbhog 10/20
Strawberry Sandesh15
Chap Sandesh 10
Kaju Barfi15
Ice Cream Sandesh 10/20
Rasogolla 6/10
Chamcha Rasomalai10/20
Sarer Naru25
Sar Bhaja15
Sonpapri 8
Golabjamun 10
Lancha 10

100 Gms per plate

Items Price 
Curd 25
Sita Bhog35
Chanar Cake35
Mihidana 35
Bonde 25

Ice Cream Party Pack (900 ml)

Items Price 
Vanilla 120
Chocolate 130
Yum Aam130
Nolen Gur140
Butter Scotch 140
Kesar Pista 220

So, for anyone who is a big fan of sweets and wants to try the most delicious variety of sweets and desserts in Kolkata, Putiram Sweets will be the perfect destination. You can also try its two other outlets. Another perfect dessert destination that you can find in Kolkata is the Nizam’s, which will equally quench the craving for sweets for every Bengali and sweet lover!

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