Delicious Haldiram Rasgulla Recipe

Haldiram Rasgulla Recipe: When Bengalis talk about sweets, the first thing that comes up is Rasgulla. This sweet has been in the hearts of Bengalis for ages. Be it from home to wedding, no event is complete without Haldiram Rasgulla at the end. Earlier, when Kutum went home, he used to take rasgulla in a clay pot. Although that thing is no longer seen today. But day by day Bengali’s love for Rasgulla is increasing.

But do you know how to make this rasgulla very easily at home? Today I will share that Rasgulla recipe with you. How to make haldiram rasgulla easily at home with very few ingredients, know the recipe from this recipe.

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Haldiram Rasgulla Recipe Ingredients

■ Milk- 1 liter.

■ Lemon juice – as much.

■ Sugar- 2 cups.

■ Cornflower- 1 tsp.

■ Water- As Required.

Steps for Making Recipe Rasgulla at Home

Step 1: Heat the milk

To make haldiram rasgulla, the main ingredient of this recipe should be cow or buffalo milk. To make rasgulla, milk has to be heated in a special way. For this, a container should be placed on the gas stove and 1 liter of milk should be heated in it. Let it be said here that the best rasagulla is made with cow or buffalo milk.

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But if you don’t have cow’s milk then you can also use packet milk to make rasgulla. While heating the milk, it should be stirred continuously with a sleeve or a stick, so that the milk does not accumulate on it. The milk should be heated until it begins to boil lightly. When you see the milk starts to boil slightly, then turn off the gas flame and let the milk cool for 7 to 8 minutes.

Step 2: Preparing chickpeas by extracting milk

Now after cooling the boiled milk it is time to take out the “Chhana”. For this first we need to extract the juice using a large size lemon. 1 liter of milk will require 1.5 tablespoons of lemon juice. Mix this lemon juice with equal amount of water to make a mixture. You can also use vinegar in this place if you want. Now keep stirring the lemon juice mixed with water into the milk. At one point you will see that the milk and the green colored water have separated.

Now take a bowl and then place the strainer and spread a cotton cloth over the strainer. Now put the “chickpeas “Chhana” with water on the cloth. Immediately pour some cold water over the “Chhana”. By doing this, the lemon juice or vinegar given to the “Chhana” will flow out and the sour taste of the lemon will be removed from it.

Then wrap the cotton cloth well and squeeze out all the water from the “Chhana”. A special method or way can be adopted for this. After straining the “Chhana” in a cotton cloth, place a heavy object on it for some time to drain the water. You will see that all the water has been drained from the “Chhana”.

Step 3: Making the batter and balls

Now we are entering the important step of making rasgulla recipe. In this step we will mash the drained “Chhana”. I will take a large wooden dish to spread the “Chhana”. If you don’t have a wooden pan, you can use an iron or steel plate as well. We will use the palm of the hand to rub the “Chhana”. Add 1 teaspoon of cornflour to it at this place and stir until it becomes smooth. After at least 15 minutes, you will see that the “Chhana” are very smooth and there are no lumps in them. Then you will understand that the “Chhana” is ready.

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Once it is well mashed, now you have to prepare balls from the “Chhana”. Take some of it in the palms of both hands and roll them round. From 1 liter of milk, roughly 10 medium size rasgulla can be made. But the rasgulla pieces will depend on what size rasgulla you are making.

Step 4: Prepare the sugar syrup

Now to make rasgulla sugar syrup should be prepared. For this, place a large pot on the gas stove and add 4 cups of water and 2 cups of sugar. Then shake it once and wait for a while until the sugar syrup begins to bubble and boil.

Step 5: Add Rasgulla to the juice

When the sugar juice starts boiling, add the “Chhana” balls one by one to the boiling sugar juice. Remember not to feed all of them at once. This will reduce the temperature of the sugar syrup and the rasgulla will not become soft. After placing the balls in the syrup, cover the pot with a lid and let the balls move in the boiling syrup for 20 to 25 minutes.

After 25 minutes open the lid and you will see that the rasgulla is ready. Then turn off the gas stove and keep it like this for another 4 to 5 hours. Serve rasgulla when cool. Then you learned how to make haldiram rasgulla very easily at home. Then make this recipe quickly at home. And let us know how you liked today’s recipe.

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Important Tips for Rasgulla Recipes

■ A very important aspect of making rasgulla is cutting the “Chhana”. Remember never to add milk, lemon juice or vinegar to boiling hot milk. When “Chhana” is cut this way, the they become very tough and chewy. As a result the rasgulla is not soft or spongy. So to make the rasgulla like a sponge, keep this in mind while cutting the “Chhana”.

■ The easiest way to know if the “Chhana” is ready is to make a ball from it. If it doesn’t break then you will understand that the “Chhana” is perfect.

■ Another important tip for making Rasgulla is, always use a large pot for making sweets. And don’t give too many balls at once. By doing this, the balls will not swell properly and will not get a round shape. So add the “Chhana” balls little by little in the boiling syrup, so that they can move in the syrup.

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