Royal Indian Hotel Updated Menu Price Card 2023

Quick Overview of the Royal Indian Hotel

Royal Indian HotelInformation 
Outlets Rabindra Sarani
Time Monday-Sunday: 10 am – 11.30 pm
Known for Mughlai, Kebabs and Biryani 
Payment methods accepted Cash, Card and UPI accepted 
Cost for Two 800
Address 147, Rabindra Sarani, Bara Bazar, Kolkata
Contact +919903369147
royal indian hotel

Kolkata is the city of heritage, the city which upholds the great values, culture, and authenticity of the people and their past. You will find innumerable heritage places and genres in this city. And I can staunchly state that the most favoured genre among all is the one that inculcates food. 

Our city includes many such restaurants and locations which have been legendary, and the entire world knows about them. Some places spark the authenticity of vintage Kolkata, and the majority of these places still serve huge crowds who relish evergreen and ever-famous recipes. I feel so; people swarm to the heritage place not just for the delicious food there but because of the connection to their roots, their love for Kolkata, and their devotion to keeping up the unique and authentic culture of the Kolktans. 

Talking of heritage places for food in Kolkata, how can I miss talking about the Royal Indian Hotel? It has been the pride of the Kolkatans and the destination to satisfy our hunger pangs most sumptuous since 1905. 

After all these years, this restaurant still caters to a huge crowd of foodies every day. My experience at this place has been even more commendable than what I used to hear from others. Let me share every detail about this place so that the next time your cravings hit you, you can quickly rush to it and relish its famous dishes. 

Where can you find the Royal Indian Hotel? 

When it comes to the instance of rushing to this place, knowing the location of this place is imperative. So, let me first introduce you to where this restaurant is situated. Its exact location is 147 Rabindra Sarani, Bara Bazar, Kolkata. It is the nearest to Mahatma Gandhi Road metro station. So, traveling through the metro will be the easiest and the most comfortable way of traveling to relish the dishes of this place. 

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Why the popularity of the Royal Indian Hotel? 

Now, why is this a heritage place? Why am I so vibrantly speaking of this restaurant? Well, firstly, imagine the time of the 1905s. Then count the number of years it takes to reach today’s time. It is more than a hundred long years. It has been more than a century. 

It is truly impossible for a restaurant to hold the same magnificence since its initial times throughout more than a hundred years. And this is the time throughout which the Royal Indian Hotel has been standing strong and serving millions of people equally relish singly and cherishable.

Because of such commendable work and sustenance throughout the long number of years, this restaurant is definitely deserving of the title of one of the heritage places to eat in Kolkata. 

What cuisines and dishes are famous in the Royal Indian Hotel?

Previously, I have talked about another famous restaurant that is also prevalent for the same cuisine as the Royal Indian Hotel. It is the Tandoor House. The former is also famous for serving Mughali cuisine. In this cuisine comes the kebabs and biryani, for which this restaurant has earned its name quite rightfully. 

Under this cuisine, there are numerous dishes that make this place worth its name and fame even after 118 years of its legacy. The signature dishes of this restaurant include Pasanda Kabab, Mutton Chaap, Kesari Phirni, Nargisi Kofta, Ghee Bhat, and Sahi Tukra. The biryanis are also a must-try when you visit this place. 

What facilities do you get at the Royal Indian Hotel?

The dishes are beyond comparison. But this place offers you several other benefits as well. First comes its affordability. You have the assurance of munching on the most divine dishes at the highest price. The quality and taste of food will show you no hint of how affordable this place is in spite of serving you unforgettable tasty dishes. 

Apart from being affordable, this place has the perfect soothing ambiance. Therefore, it makes the place the ideal destination for anyone who wants to enjoy quality time with their family and friends and chat over some of the most delicious foods. The interiors have substantial seating space, which has perfect spacing. It is also the ideal place when you want to invite a large crowd for any celebration or just for lunch. 

You can readily have any meal of the day here with sumptuous and equally delicious food. The breakfast here is also praise-worthy. They also offer you the opportunity of enjoying their food at your home through their home delivery services. Additionally, their takeaway services enable you to collect your favorite dishes on the way and enjoy it wherever and whenever you want to. Another factor that makes his place commendable is its facility for payment methods. 

It assures you of seamless payment processes as they accept all types of payment means- cash, cards, and even digital payment options. So, you can promise yourself the best time enjoying the most delicious delicacies, the divine ambiance, and the effortless services at the Royal India Hotel. 

Chicken Items 

Items Price 
Chicken Qualia/ Curry 230
Chicken Rezala (Thursday)240
Chicken Liver 100
Anda Aaloo Curry (Thursday)90


Items Price 
Chicken Kadai (2 pcs.)250
Chicken  Bharta (Boneless) (Thursday and Sunday)270
Chicken Chatpata270
Chicken  Seekh Kebab 250

Tandoori Cuisine 

Items Price 
Tandoori Chicken (Full/Half)460/240
Chicken Butter Masala (3 Pcs)280 
Chicken Tikka Butter Masala (7 Pcs)300
Chicken Reshmi Butter Masala (7 Pcs)300
Chicken Reshmi Kebab (7 Pcs)270
Chicken Reshmi Malai Kebab (6 Pcs)280
Chicken Tikka Kebab (7 Pcs)270
Chicken Tangri Kebab (2 Pcs)240
Chicken Barra Kebab (3 Pcs)280
Chicken Boti Kebab (6 Pcs)280
Mutton Seekh Kebab (2 Pcs)265
Mutton Boti Kebab (5 Pcs)325

Our Speciality 

Items Price 
Royal Mutton Chap260
Royal Chicken Chaap240


Items Price 
Royal Mutton Biryani 275
Royal Mutton Biryani Special (2 Pcs)390
Royal Chicken Biryani 265
Royal Chicken Biryani Special (2 Pcs)380

Mutton Items 

Items Price 
Mutton Keema 180
Mutton Korma 180
Mutton Qalia180
Nargisi Kofta (Wednesday and Saturday)200
Mutton Rezala 200
Mutton Tikia Kebab90
Mutton Kassa265
Mutton Pasanda Kabab (Boneless) (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) 300


Items Price 
Mutton Handi (Tuesday and Thursday) (2 Pcs)270
Mutton Rogan Josh (Sunday and Wednesday)270
Mutton Stew (Monday and Friday) (2 Pcs)270
Mutton Tikka Masala (Boneless) (Saturday) (2 Pcs)280


Items Price 
Fish Tikka (4 Pcs)400
Fsh Masala (4 Pcs)420


Items Price 
Paneer Tikka 190
Paneer Butter Masala210


Items Price 
Rumali Roti 18
Paratha 35
Naan Roti65
Butter Naan70


Items Price 
Firni 70
Shahi Tukra100
Murgh Musallam 590

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Your love for the mughlai cuisine and Kolkata, the city of culture, heritage and food will grow endlessly and you will keep coming back to this place, once you own the legendary, Royal Indian Hotel. 

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