Seasonal Tastes: The Westin Kolkata- Review and Menu Card

In the last decade, Kolkata has seen a significant rise in the evolution of Five-star hotels and restaurants, and Seasonal Tastes Westin is one among them. Taj Bengal used to be the only five-star in Kolkata that dominated the industry, and later, it had its own competitor, The Oberoi Grand in Esplanade. Later came the famous ITC Sonar Hotel in Science City. And now, there are almost uncountable five-star hotels in the city, with travelers visiting the place daily.

One famous thing about these five-star hotels is their dining and restaurants. People always dream of visiting five-star restaurants and dining in there with their friends or families. However, the price of the items in these places shatters the dream of people. Just like these five-star hotels, Westin is one among them which has recently come to action and has been dominating since its establishment in the heart of the city. If you want to know more about seasonal tastes new town reviews, read through this article.

Where is Westin Located in Kolkata?

Westin is one of the recent, almost new additions to the five-star hotel industry and has been dominating since then. The iconic hotel is located between the open fields of Rajarhat, the talking point of Kolkata, in the upcoming days. Rajarhat is a place which has been attracting people from different parts of the city due to the growth of the industries there. 

And Westin, a tall 32-heightened tower, is standing in the fields of Rajarhat. The hotel is located approximately 8 kilometers from Kolkata airport and is near the Biswa Bangla Sarani in New Town. It has a wide range of connectivities from different parts of Kolkata, and people can easily visit the location.

Seasonal Tastes- A famous Restaurant and an extraordinary buffet place

Seasonal Tastes is one of the popular restaurants in Westin. Although there are two other restaurants in Westin which are Nori, which features Asian, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine, and the other one is 31-32, which is a rooftop restaurant that features Chinese, Bar food, and Italian dishes. Besides the hotel guests, Seasonal Taste also attracts people from around the town due to its famous buffet. 

Seasonal Tastes in Westin has a famous buffet that comprises North Indian, Continental, and Asian foods. And what attracts me more is the decoration of the dishes and how well they are placed, along with the ambiance of the surrounding with a surreal view of Kolkata town. People visiting this famous restaurant to have a meal can enjoy their time with their friends or families. 

However, what people often wonder about is the price of the items available on the Seasonal Taste menu card. Although it has a buffet that is chosen by most of the guests, people are also curious to know about the price of the individual items on the menu card.

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Seasonal Tastes Kolkata Menu | Westin Buffet Price

Approx Cost for two: 2500 INR

Westin Breakfast

ItemPrice ( INR )
Westin LifeStyle Breakfast1100
Indian breakfast1100
American Breakfast1100

Breakfast International Selection

ItemPrice ( INR )
Two Eggs Your way625
Akuri on Toast625
Masala Omelette625
Eggs Benedict675
Cinnamon French Toast550
Rice Congee600

Breakfast Regional Classics

ItemPrice ( INR )
Medu Vada575
Luchi Aloo Dum575
Poori Bhaji575

Breads and Pastries

ItemPrice ( INR )
Gluten Free Bread300
Danish Pastries375

All Day Dining ( Appetizers )

ItemPrice ( INR )
Thai Spring Roll650
Hot Barbecue Chicken Wings850
Dragon Chilli Wok Tossed850
Vegetable Salt Pepper750
Malai Sarson ke Phool750
Kashmiri Paneer Tikka750
Mutter Ki Khaas Shami750
Tandoori Aloo750
Peshawari Murgh Tikka750
Gosht Galouti1050
Ajwaini Mahi Tikka950
Chatpata Jhinga1200
seasonal tastes appetizers


ItemPrice ( INR )
Insalata Caprese800
Caesar Salad850
Seasonal Taste Green850


ItemPrice ( INR )
Tomato Basil Soup550
Wild Mushroom Soup550
Tom Yum Soup650
Lemon Coriander Soup600

International Selection

ItemPrice ( INR )
Kolkata Kathi Roll850
Non Veg Club Sandwich900
Veg Club Sandwich775
Chicken Tikka Sandwich850
Paneer Tikka Sandwich850
Seasonal Taste Burger850
Vegetable Burger725

Regional Classics

ItemPrice ( INR )
Chingri Malai Curry1350
Kosha Mangsho1300
Laal Maas1300
Macher Jhol1200
Murgh Tikka Butter Masala950
Paneer Lababdar850
Yellow Daal Tadka850

Rice and Biriyani

ItemPrice ( INR )
Murgh Dum Biriyani850
Kolkata Mutton Biriyani950
Vegetable Biriyani750
Steamed Rice400


ItemPrice ( INR )
Tandoori Roti200
Bharwan Kulcha250

Western Mains

ItemPrice ( INR )
Fish and Chips1150
Grilled Chicken Breast1050
Kolkata Betki Fillet1250


ItemPrice ( INR )
Vanilla Creme Brulee600
Chocolate walnut brownie550
Nutty rocher Cake550
Gulab Jamun550

Buffet at Seasonal Tastes: Seasonal Tastes Buffet Cost

Apart from the A-La-Carte items that you can avail at Seasonal Tastes in Westin, you can also go for the veg or non-veg buffet option at Seasonal Tastes, Westin Kolkata. The buffet at this place features a host of items. Beginning with the starters, there are four items, two veg, and two non-veg items. Then, you can move on to the Tandoori and steaks. Besides that, you can also find bread or salamis.

One more attractive thing about Seasonal Tastes is the live counter feature. You can order unique dishes from different parts of the world, being cooked in front of you at the live counter. These dishes are prepared only upon ordering. It includes veg dishes like Singapore noodles and nonveg ones like the world’s famous fish and chicken recipes.

Next, you can move on to the continental and the Asian sections, where you can find fried rice, chow mein, and other sides. And at last, you can find North Indian options like Biriyani, Chicken, and Mutton preparations as accompaniments, and others. Talking about the number of items at the Seasonal Taste buffet, you can’t even finish counting.

The desserts at this place are another talking point of the restaurant. People often keep space to enjoy the desserts of Seasonal Tastes. From pudding to famous Kolkata sweets, cakes, pastries, brownies, icecreams, pie, fruits, and several other options, this place’s desserts are mouth-watering.

Also, you can accompany your buffet meal with some attractive mocktails or cocktails prepared by the highly trained bartender of this restaurant. So, the buffet at the Seasonal Tastes is wholesome, and you will have to visit more than once to try out all the buffet items. Read more for the seasonal tastes new town menu.

Westin Buffet Price and availability of Buffet at Seasonal Tastes

The Seasonal Taste Buffet is available everyday from Monday to Sunday. However, the prices vary on weekends. You can either book online or you can directly visit the place to have your seat. It is always preferred to book online for seat availability. Offline reservations are subject to the space available.

Breakfast: 950 INR + Tax | Mon- Friday

Timing: 7 AM – 10:30 AM.

Lunch: 1,550 INR + Tax | Mon- Friday

Timing: 12:30 PM – 3 PM.

Westin Dinner Buffet Menu: 1699 INR + Tax | Mon- Sunday

Timing: 7 PM – 11 PM.

Kids Lunch: 775 INR + Tax | Mon- Friday

Timing: 12:30 PM – 3 PM.

Kids Dinner: 850 INR + Tax | Mon- Sunday

Timing: 7 PM – 11 PM.

Westin Kolkata Lunch Buffet Menu: 1850 INR + Tax | Saturday- Sunday

Timing: 12:30 PM – 3 PM.

An enjoyable feast at Seasonal Tastes, Westin Menu Card

Seasonal Tastes Kolkata at The Westin is indeed a place to enjoy luxurious dining and gazing at the beauty of nature from the 10th floor. Although the price is very high compared to others, it is always a dream for everyone to dine at a five-star restaurant. So, why not try out the variety of dishes available at Seasonal Tastes?

You can have a glance at the menu from this article. But, it is always recommended to try out the Buffet at Seasonal Tastes as it covers every food item from this menu. The Westin Kolkata Buffet Menu is listed above. You can enjoy dining at Seasonal Tastes by checking out westin buffet price kolkata.

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