The top 10 street foods in Kolkata

top 10 street foods in kolkata

What do you think about when someone talks about Kolkata? Well, mostly, people think about the lovely, unforgettable food varieties that are the staples of this city. And then comes the topic of top 10 street foods in Kolkata. Well, this city is the city of joy, but have you ever wondered why that is? What we can say firmly is that one of the reasons has to be its food, especially its street food!

Kolkata is one of the most well-known cities for its street food. So, when you want to know the essence of being in this city, there are some street foods that you must try. Thus, the following discussion will be all about the top 10 street foods in Kolkata. So, let us begin the decision without any further delay.

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Top 10 Street Foods in Kolkata For You


A list of the street foods of Kolkata cannot start without this table gem of this city: Phuchka! It is undoubtedly the most famous street food in Kolkata, and rightly, it is worthy of its title. Its unforgettable, delicious combat of flavor and spices blended with the soft mashed potatoes and the tangy and spicy tamarind water is beyond the earthly experience of deliciousness. Apart from their taste, phuchkas are famous for the controversy in their names as well. In Delhi, it is golgappa, while in Mumbai, it is pani puri.


Imagine a rainy day and an evening with a cup of tea and a plate full of crispy telebhajas! This is how the Kolkatans and Bengalis will say life is worth it! Telebhajas is another one of the 10 best street foods in this city. They are nothing but a plethora of food items fried in rich mustard oil and battered with gram flour and bread crumbs. The food items include onions, potatoes, brinjals, and even less prevalent items like pumpkin flowers, etc.

Kathi rolls

Kolkata is known and loved for its street-style kathi rolls. The fillings include juicy meats, paneer, or plain egg kathi rolls, which will surely leave a mark on your taste buds. The filings are made with the integration of chutneys, onions, eggs, spices, cucumbers, and more! Nizam’s, Bedouin, and Kusum Rolls are some of the most famous street food shops in Kolkata for kathi rolls.

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Another well-known signature street food of Kolkata is the street-style ghugni. It is a spicy curry made from dried yellow peas. The street essence that it gets is from the way it is served. It is served as a chat with onions, tamarind chutney, and chillies. Shyambazar, Dacre’s Lane, and Anadi Cabin are some of the famous street food places in Kolkata for ghugni.

Jhal Muri

After phuchkas and a plate of ghugni, we bring you to another one of the top 10 street foods in Kolkata, which is jhal muri. The word “jhal” means spicy, and “muri” means puffed rice. So, it literally means spiced puffed ice. Well, there is more to it. The flavors are unimaginably diverse, with the spice factor always dominating.

The contents include boiled diced potatoes stirred with spices, tamarind chutney, tomatoes, minions, cucumbers, red chili, and a piece of coconut to munch with it. There is always a special way of serving this jhal muri, which is in a paper pocket. Also, there is a special way of eating it from the paper pockets.

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Mughlai Paratha

Mughlai paratha is the most famous street food in West Bengal. It is a paratha studded with minced meat, spices, and onions and is served with salads, potatoes’ curry, and raita. Visiting Kolkata makes it necessary to try this street food. The preparation and cooking process is unique, which includes eggs in the process, making the food unique in taste.


You might wonder why we have included chowmein in our list of the top 10 street foods in Kolkata. The chowmein you have in other places and the chowmein you will have on the streets of Kolkata are very different. They have a special and different taste, the ingredient of which is still a mystery. Although other ingredients include onions, cucumbers, eggs, cappuccino, carrots, and beans. They are served with social sauce and salads. They are spicy and tossed in a wok, which gives them a unique blend of flavors!

Aloo Kabli

Another loved street food that can be a complimentary or must-have item after having phuchkas is a plate of aloo kabli. It is a unique mix of diced boiled potatoes, tamarind chutney, cucumbers, onions, cucumbers, and chickpeas, with the spice factor being dominant here as well. Anywhere you go, Kolkata will always have stalls of phuckas and also cables. These are also the most affordable and minimally priced street foods in this city.

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Street-style Kolkata biryani

Just like street-style chow mein, street-style Kolkata biryani is also different from the ones you find in restaurants. The taste has a unique taste whose inherent taste is also a mystery. The signature component of Kolkata biryani is a delicious, soft piece of potato. So, you get biryani with the chicken or mutton price, a piece of potato, and a boiled egg. Another signature factor of this city is the chutney they serve with biryani. It is equally tasty and adds more flavor to the omelet biriyani.

Mishti Doi

How about we end this list with some sweet street-style food, which is mishti doi? It is a sweet and creamy yogurt in Kolkata’s style. It is one of the best-known Bengali sweet dishes. You can have them at breakfast, after lunch, or even after dinner.

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Final Words

These are the top 10 street foods in Kolkata that you must try when you visit this city. When you plan a trip to Kolkata, it is a must that you try all these authentic food items on the streets of Kolkata. It is one of the oldest cities with one of the oldest and most historical places to relish, even the street foods of this city. The city of joy has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to food. So, visiting this city means visiting the best-known places for street food and relishing the best-known street-style food items.

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