Top Winter Foods to keep you warm in Winters

winter foods

Winter Foods: India is a land of diversity and rich culture. We have different food items that go with different times of the year. Similarly, for the winter, we have a fascinatingly wide range of finger-licking dishes which help us satisfy our taste buds and keep us warm. What could possibly be better than dishes that are delicious and worth providing during winter? So here we are, discussing the best winter foods which will keep you warm. So, let us start the discussion without any further ado.


This Indo-Tibetan dish will undoubtedly make you wish for more bowls of it. It is one of the top 10 winter foods of India. The warm, flavorful bowl of veggies and broth will keep you warm throughout. There are some variations of this dish, including the Nepalese Thukpa, which includes more spiciness, while some other variations include a little flavouring of garam masala. You can definitely read it to be your comfort food for the winter.

Gajar ka Halwa

What is a winter without a sweet bowl of gajar ka halwa? It is undoubtedly one of the most known go-to winter foods for every Indian household in the winter. The warm container full of gajar ka halwa with the little fumes of hot vapours rising, indicating its warmth and scent of ghee in it, will fill anyone’s mouth with water. It is truly an irresistible dish made from the most popular vegetable of the winter, the carrots!

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Sakarakand Rabdi

For all the dessert lovers, we have another relishing dish on our winter foods list, Sakarkand Rabdi. Rabdi is an every-season Indian delicacy for every household. And when you add the winter, sakarkand or sweet potatoes to it, it becomes the perfect unforgettably tasty winter dessert for you. The sweetness of milk, saffron, sweet potatoes, cardamom, and dry fruits in this dish makes it the perfect dish to end all your meals when served warm and fresh!

Sarson ka Saag

Want something healthy, tasty and warm on your menu for winter foods? Well, sarson ka saag is the perfect option to add to your list. It is a highly renowned and staple Punjabi delicacy, which you will find to be a favourite in every Punjabi resident. It goes perfectly with plates of Makki ki roti and is a conventional winter dish in India. And, of course, we can never forget the chunk of melting butter on top of the bowl of sarson ka saag.


Let us not travel to the north of our country to know what their staple dish is for the winter. How about we talk about one of the foods to keep you warm in winter in India from Kashmir? Then, Gushtaba is the perfect winter dish which rules the entire land of Kashmir in the winter. A finger-licking dish containing minced mutton balls integrated with curd and royal spices. Can you name the nutrient that helps to keep your body warm? It is nothing but fats, which are playful in Thai dishes. Thus, serving as a dessert, this dish keeps you perfectly warm in the winter.

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Nolen Gur er Sandesh

Winters in Bengal means nolen gur and its delicacies. It is one of the simplest yet tastiest foods to keep you warm in winter vegetarian dishes. Nolen Gur is nothing but jaggery, and Sandesh is the Bengali sweet. All Bengalis make it a must-have in their houses so that whenever they crave anything sweet in the winter, they can grab a piece or two of their favourite nolen gur er sandesh and relish them joyously.


Nihari is one of the richest and most sapid foods that increase body heat, making it perfect for the winter. It is because its contents include chicken, mutton, and beef, and it is a soup curry. Usually, it is served at breakfast. It is one of the spicy winter foods and the perfect side dish in the middle of the night to have alongside hot and round puris. To make its unforgettable taste worthy, the time taken for this dish is an entire night to allow the meat to become so tender that it would melt, like a beat, the moment it touches our tongue.

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Rogan Josh

Here, we present another mutton preparation, which will surely make our taste buds grateful to have met with a sauce blend of spices and flavoursome ingredients. It is definitely not one of the foods to avoid in cold weather. The mutton content herpes in better fat intake, which in turn keeps your body warm. The Kashmiri spices with sized pieces of mutton served with soft and warm rotis or jeera rice will be the perfect superstitious winter meal.

Delicious Winter Foods to Try Out

These were the best and the most popular winter foods, which will surely keep you warm in the cold weather. Well, keeping you warm will be their additional benefit. Their fundamental and most important function is to make your mouth water and lips smack and make you ask for more bowls of them as you relish them on the cold winter days and nights.

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How do you keep your body warm as a woman?

Exercising, walking, jogging or going for a run can help a woman keep their body warm. Additionally, eating foods rich in fat can also help women keep their bodies warm.

What foods are good for body heat in winter?

Foods which are rich in fat, complex carbs, and root vegetables, as they are innately hot, are useful for body heat in the winter.

What foods increase body heat?

Foods like onions, honey, ginger, coffee, and red meat can readily help in increasing body heat and keep it intact in the winter.

How can you keep my body warm in winter naturally?

The simplest natural ways of keeping the body warm in winter are by drinking warm water with drops of honey in it, wearing numerous but thin layers of clothes and covering fingers, feet and nose.

Which food is good for cold weather?

Winter greens like methi, sarson, palak, muli, and pudina and root vegetables like onion, carrot, radish, yams, etc, are great for cold weather.

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